In Print: The Language of Art

    May 12--June 6, 2003

    Florida State University Museum of Fine Arts

    Opening reception: Friday, May 16, 2003, 7--9pm




    This year for our special joint project with FSU MoFA, ESOL students created a video and a book. For the video project, guest videographer, Laura Thompson, filmed students narrating their own story based on their drawing. The students' drawings were inspired by prints that were exhibited at the museum. For the book project, students wrote their own "Homeland Stories" as told to them by their parents. They also illustrated their stories by using rubber stamps and an ink-on-foam-plate printmaking process. In addition, students composed their own "About the Author" page. The following students participated in the

    video project

    Diana Falcon-Perez, Yannick Houroumtcho, Paulina Chavez, Rand Bashir, Abhishek Singh, Genesis Martinez, Kiet Ho, Ahmed Abu-Tineh, Ziyan Song, Kevin Rodriguez, Sara Villa, Andy Burlica, Hao Huang, Kaja Kwasnieskwa, Jefan Abu-Tineh, Luis Falcon-Perez

    book project

    Diana Falcon-Perez, Maribel Cuevas, Zain Alawneh, Sief Al-Tahayneh, Carlos Limon, Ran Ju, Hani Bashir, Irving Tejada, Abelardo Andrade, Mozhdeh Ebrahimi, Jose Rodriguez, Rosa Andrade, Javier Riano, Sara Villa

    The book project was funded by a mini-grant from the Leon County Schools Foundation.