Florida Wildlife

    Clay and Collage

    21st Century Summer Enrichment Program

    Six days in June and July 2005




    During the summer enrichment program at Pineview, Mark Fletcher, visiting clay artist, taught our students how to create collages and 3-D sculptures. We based our theme on "Florida Wildlife". After reading about the variety of wildlife in Florida, students created collage images of animals and diaramas of wildlife habitat, using colorful art tissue paper, modeling clay and a box. Students also walked around the schoolyard with Mr Fletcher to collect natural materials for their diaramas. For example, some students incorporated Spanish moss, leaves, twigs and sand into their projects.

    Dr Poole and her students from FAMU also participated by volunteering to help our ESOL students with their art projects. After the projects were finished, we exhibited them in the front office of the school.

    About 8--10 students participated in this special art class.