Interviewing Bilingual Professionals

    In April 2001, ESOL students grades 2--5 went into the community to interview bilingual professionals and to tour their job site. The purpose of this project was threefold:

    • To exposed students to positive bilingual role models
    • To learn about different "careers"
    • To experience first-hand the advantages of being bilingual

    Two to three weeks before the interviews, students formed small groups and were assigned to a profession. They conducted research in the Media Center by reading books and encyclopedias. They also searched on the Internet to gather information. Afterwards, they wrote their own interview questions on index cards. Students were very excited to interview the following professionals:

    • Scientists, FSU National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
    • Officers Arias and Martinez, Tallahassee Police Department
    • Joanna Flores and Eugene Perez, architects at Akin & Associates
    • Governor Jeb Bush
    • John Sevigny, staff writer at the Tallahassee Democrat
    • Min Chu, CPA at Law, Redd, Crona PA

    ESOL students interviewing Governor Jeb Bush

    These field trips were funded by a mini-grant from the Leon County Schools' Foundation.