ESOL Audio Books Reading Program




    At the end of the school year 2003--2004, we received federal funding from Title III. We decided to use some of this funding to purchase audio books for our ESOL students to read at home. The purpose of this program is to improve students' reading fluency rate while helping them to acquire English literacy. The books range from grade level 1 to grade level 5 in a variety of genres. Each student is to check out a book every Friday for a week. This is part of his/her homework assignment. Parents are expected to help with the following procedures.

    Instructions for ESOL Audio Books Reading Program

    Do the following steps in order:

    1. Student listens and reads the book independently 3 times each evening.
    2. Then get a watch or a clock.
    3. Time the student for 1 minute while he/she reads aloud.
    4. Count the number of words read correctly.
    5. Put an "X" in the correct box on the chart.
    6. Repeat steps #3, 4 and 5.
    7. Do this activity every evening for a week.
    8. Weekly Goal: increase the number of words read correctly per minute.

    Instrucciones para el Programa de Libros de ESOL en Audio

    Sigan los pasos siguientes en orden:

    1. El estudiante escucha y lee el libro independiente tres veces cada noche.
    2. Entonces obtenga un reloj.
    3. Mida el tiempo por un minuto mientras el estudiante lee en voz alta.
    4. Cuente la cantidad de palabras correctas que su hijo/a ha leido.
    5. Marquen una "X" en el lugar correcto en la tabla.
    6. Repitan los pasos #3, 4 y 5.
    7. Hagan esta actividad todas las noches durante una semana.
    8. La Meta para cada semana: aumente la cantidad de palabras que su hijo/a lee correctamente por cada minuto.

    Click here to view an Oral Reading Fluency Chart/Tabla de Fluidez de Lectura Oral.