Dr. Marilyn Jackson-Rahming

Dynamic Principal

  • Dr. Rahming



    Dr. Marilyn Jackson- Rahming  is a lifetime educator and administrator with over twenty five years of experience.  She is currently the dynamic principal of the Pineview Elementary School located in Tallahassee, Florida. She has served as the innovative instructional leader of the Pineview 1997 until the present. She has brought the school from the point of failing to A+ status year after year!


    Dr. Jackson-Rahming is a native of Gadsden County and she is a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and Florida State University.  Dr. Jackson- Rahming began her teaching career at R. Frank Nims Middle School as the choral director. 


    Dr. Jackson-Rahming then matriculated to the Chaires Elementary School as assistant principal. Dr. Jackson-Rahming has been recognized by numerous education and public administration associations. She is extremely active in the civic as well as religious community. She loves children with all her heart, soul and mind.  They are the love of her life!  She also loves music, shopping, reading, going places, meeting people, and interacting with children.  Dr. Jackson-Rahming believes that children are our greatest resource and our most important constituents.