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    Science Olympiad is one of the premier academic clubs at James S. Rickards High School. Our Science Olympiad team is one of the top teams in the state of Florida.  We are currently the State Runner Up (2021-2022) and were State Champions in 2020-2021, National Champions in Gravity Vehicle (2020-2021), along with being Regional champions for the past four years (2019-2022).   We have been invited to compete in the National Tournament for the past two years, along with several highly competitive invitational tournaments.  In 2021, two of our ninth-grade students earned scholarship money for college when they won Gravity Vehicle at the National Tournament. 

    We have designed our organization to be student driven, which not only fosters teamwork and leadership skills, it also provides students with opportunities to train and compete in various science events, including study, building, inquiry, and lab events. Students also organize and run our virtual Invitational tournament each year.


Science Olympiad News

  • Science Olympiad Regionals.

    Our Science Olympiad students won Regionals this weekend for the 4th year in a row and automatically qualified for the state tournament in March.  We will have to wait and see if any of our other teams qualify.  I am hoping for at least one more even though we usually qualify the max of 3, but we didn't have full teams due to other activities going on and those students only gave us a couple days/hours' notice that they were not competing, leaving many students scrambeling to find partners or to compete in events as individuals.

    Please congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance at our Regional Competition this past weekend:

    Team 1- Cybermen- 1st Place Overall

    • Astronomy- 2nd place- Velan T. & Karl A. 
    • Bridges- 2nd place- Kevin W. & Karl A. 
    • Cell Biology- 3rd place- Jeffrey G. & Harshil D. 
    • Chem Lab- 1st place- Jeffrey G. & Prabhas K. 
    • Codebusters- 1st place- Dylan E., Farzan S. & Prabhas K. 
    • Detector Building- 2nd place- Dylan E. & Farzan S. 
    • Disease Detectives- 2nd place- Velan T. & Karl A. 
    • Experimental Design- 1st place- Dylan E., Farzan S. & Prabhas K.
    • Gravity Vehicle- 1st place- Kevin W. & Karl A. 
    • Ornithology- 1st place- Pranav K. & Eric Z. 
    • Remote Sensing- 1st place- Dylan E. & Farzan S. 
    • Trajectory- 1st place- Kevin W. & Karl A. 
    • WiFi Lab- 1st place- Dylan E. & Farzan S. 
    • Wright Stuff- 1st place- Pranav K. & Harshil D. 
    • Other members of Team 1- Chris S., Vendant P., Adi C. & Aryan T. 

    Team 2- Daleks

    • Codebusters- 2nd place- Ishan V., Shikha P. & Abhinav B. 
    • Forensics- 2nd place- Danny A. & Abhinav B. 
    • It's about time- 2nd place- Mihir K. & Nitish N. 
    • Write it Do it- 2nd place- Anushka H. & Shikha P.

    Team 3- Ood

    • Bridges- 1st place- Karina T. 

    Team 4- Silurians

    • Astronomy- 1st place- Rayan B. & Laxmi M. 
    • It's about time- 1st place- Laxmi M. 

    Team 5- Timelords

    • Astronomy- 3rd place- Haasini Y. & Nishii N. 

    Team 6- Weeping Angels

    • Dynamic Planet- 1st place- Terry L. & Tiffany Z.
    • Forensics- 1st place- Terry L. & Asmitha E. 
    • Gravity Vehicle- 3rd place- Ruchir T.
    • Green Generation- 3rd place- Terry L. Viswa J. 

    University of Texas Austin Invitationals
    On Saturday, October 30, 2021, the Rickards Science Olympiad team placed third at the UT Austin Invitational competition! The prestigious competition took place in Austin, Texas and was attended by over 40 of the best Science Olympiad teams from across the nation. Rickards competitors, across 3 different teams, placed in 17 out of the 28 events in the competition, taking 1st place in Bridges, Data Science, Remote Sensing, and Trajectory.

    1st place – Kevin Wang and Alex Arney

    Data Science
    1st place – Dylan Epstein-Gross and Tanmay Haldiya

    Remote Sensing
    1st place – Farzan Shiju and Dylan Epstein-Gross

    1st place – Kevin Wang and Karl Akuoko

    Cell Biology
    2nd place – Jeffrey George and Harshil Dalvaigiri

    Chemistry Lab
    2nd place – Jeffrey George and Christopher Salvador

    Experimental Design
    2nd place – Farzan Shiju, Dylan Epstein-Gross, and Tanmay Haldiya

    Pokemon Trivia
    2nd place – Alex Arney

    Wi-Fi Lab
    2nd place – Farzan Shiju, Ishan Vepa, and Dylan Epstein-Gross

    4th place – Sofia McClarnon and Bhavagna Punyala

    4th place – Farzan Shiju, Dylan Epstein-Gross, and Christopher Salvador

    Ping Pong Parachute
    4th place – Shreyas Kodela

    Science Word
    4th place – Viswa Janapati and Terry Lin

    Wright Stuff
    4th place – Pranav Kondapalli

    Anatomy and Physiology
    5th place – Vedant Patel and Danny Alex

    5th place – Siddharth Patel and Shikha Patel

    Rocks and Minerals
    5th place – Tanmay Natani and Sukeerth Goly

    Science Word
    5th place – Tanmay Haldiya and Eric Zeng

    Environmental Chemistry
    6th place – Jeffrey George and Christopher Salvador

    It’s About Time
    6th place – Mihir Konda and Roshan Mettupalli

    6th place – Pranav Kondapalli and Eric Zeng

    Ping Pong Parachute
    6th place – Olivia Zeng and Suhas Gaddam

    Rocks and Minerals
    6th place – Pranav Kondapalli and Eric Zeng

    Team 1 Members – 3rd place:
    Farzan Shiju
    Jeffrey George
    Dylan Epstein-Gross
    Harshil Dalvaigiri
    Eric Zeng
    Pranav Kondapalli
    Kevin Wang
    Christopher Salvador
    Ishan Vepa
    Shreyas Kodela

    Team 2 Members – 19th Place:
    Vedant Patel
    Shikha Patel
    Ishrit Gupta
    Anushka Heda
    Roshan Mettupalli
    Sofia McClarnon
    Mihir Konda
    Danny Alex
    Hansini Reddy
    Bhavagna Punyala
    Siddharth Patel
    Eshani Banugu
    Meghna Mullangi
    Justin Xie

    Team 3 Members – 18th Place:
    Vibav Tammisetti
    Nishi Nandineni
    Haasini Yelugoti
    Ruchir Talasu
    Tanmay Natani
    Sukeerth Goly
    Terry Lin
    Viswa Janapati
    Olivia Zeng
    Samitha Balireddy
    Asmitha Etukala
    Anish Saha
    Vaneesha Sinha
    Suhas Gaddam
    Alex Arney


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