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    Mu Alpha Theta is a prestigious mathematical honor society that develops team and leadership qualities. The purpose of the organization is to foster mathematical interest and talent as well as to develop lifelong friendships through spirited competition, teaching, and active learning.

    The Rickards Mu Alpha Theta team participates in math competitions throughout the nation. We are one of the premier math teams in the state of Florida. Over the last 2 years, the Rickards MAO team defied the odds to place 3rd and 4th in the entire state. Members of the math team are required to maintain a 3.0 GPA in their math classes, as well as to demonstrate dedication to the team by attending practices, fundraisers, and competitions, and providing service to the club by assisting with the Fall Invitational and tutoring peers. Additionally, a key part of their membership is their contribution to the Rickards Invitational. James S. Rickards prides itself in hosting the largest student-run math competition in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida with over 1,000 competitors across nearly 50 schools from the 3 states. The club's success and accolades as a competition team as well as the directing board of the Rickards Invitational make it one of the most prestigious organizations at the school. Please look below for the announcements and results from this year thus far.

MAO Announcements

  • WE DID IT!!! Another Math States Convention completed, after 2 years restricted by COVID. We picked up over 35 trophies with just 23 participants, making this a really successful end to the FAMAT (Florida Math) season! I am extremely proud of these kids because we did NOT have a full team (we needed more precalculus students). Please congratulate our math team 😊 

    Here's a quick run-through of all our exciting placements: 

    THETA DIVISION: algebra 2 and lower 

         Tanmay Natani (23rd-theta individual) 

         Sukeerth Goly (15th-theta individual) 

         Vaneesha Sinha (2nd-theta individual) 

         Sukeerth Goly (13th-theta apps) 

         Sukeerth Goly (16th-theta conics) 

         Sagar Bhat (12th-theta functions) 

         Tanmay Natani (1st-theta functions) 

         Tanmay Natani (11th-theta geometry) 

         Meghna Mullangi (19th-theta logs & exponents) 

         Sagar Bhat (6th-theta logs & exponents) 

         Vaneesha Sinha (2nd-theta logs & exponents) 

         Anish Saha (13th-theta quadrilaterals) 

         Vaneesha Sinha (1st-theta quadrilaterals) 

         Theta TEAM: Vaneesha Sinha, Sukeerth Goly, Tanmay Natani, Sagar Bhat (3rd!) 

    ALPHA DIVISION: precalculus 

         Navya Kommu (20th-alpha matrices & vectors) 

    MU DIVISION: calculus/statistics 

         Karthik Vedula (11th-mu individual) 

         Karthik Vedula (5th-mu ciphering) 

         Karthik Vedula (4th-mu BC Calculus) 

         Karthik Vedula (2nd-mu applications) 

         Karthik Vedula (2nd-speed math) 

         Dylan Epstein-Gross (7th- mu individual) 

         Dylan Epstein-Gross (18th-mu ciphering) 

         Dylan Epstein-Gross (1st-mu area & volume) 

         Dylan Epstein-Gross (12th-mu integration) 

         Dylan Epstein-Gross (7th-mental math) 

         Farzan Shiju (20th-mu limits & derivatives) 

         Tanmay Haldiya (17th-open probability) 

         Prabhas Kurapati (17th-open statistics) 

         Mihir Konda/Farzan Shiju (12th-open gemini (two person test)) 

         Mu TEAM: Karthik Vedula, Eric Zeng, Farzan Shiju, Dylan Epstein-Gross (4th!) 


         Hustle: Vaneesha Sinha, Sukeerth Goly, Tanmay Haldiya, Dylan Epstein-Gross (8th

         Relay: Tanmay Natani, Navya Kommu, Karthik Vedula (5th

         Speed Math for Sponsors: Ms. Cross (10th

         Computer Competition: Prabhas Kurapati, Mihir Konda, Farzan Shiju (7th) 

         Interschool: all members, 2nd place! 

    Sweepstakes: 7th Place in the state!!! 

    1- 14-2022
    Mu Alpha Theta attended a state-wide competition last Saturday in Gainesville. Rickards had a great showing. Please congratulate all who participated 🙂
    Algebra 2 - Vaneesha Sinha - 15th
    Algebra 2 - Sagar Bhat - 18th
    Calculus - Karthik Vedula - 1st
    Calculus - Dylan Epstein-Gross - 9th
    Algebra 2 Team - 5th
    Calculus Team - 3rd



2020-2021 Offices

  • President: Rohan Davidi

    Vice President of Organization: Tanusri Mandapati

    Vice President of Finance: Akash Bhat

    Captain: Dylan Epstein-Gross

    Co-Captain: Karthik Vedula

    Secretary: Tanmay Haldiya

    Mu Captain: Vishnav Deenadayalan

    Sergeant-at-Arms: Shreyas Kodela

    Historians: Ananya Mundrathi & Akhil Walia

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