Successful Young Women

  • Successful Young Women is a service-oriented organization at James S. Rickards High School.

    The purposes for Successful Young Women are to: 

    • Provide an environment for students who wish to improve their potential for success.
    • Define varying degrees of success and expose students to short and long term goal setting.
    • Explore careers and create a plan of action to achieve specific career choices.

    Criteria for Membership

    • Female student
    • Desire & willingness to serve the school and community
    • Desire to be successful at student's highest possible potential
    • May enter with any G.P.A., but must improve in areas below 2.0
    • May enter with any citizenship grade, but must improve to all satisfactory or outstanding ratings.
    • Attend all scheduled meetings
    • Adherence to all school rules
    • Must demonstrate improvement while participating in organization

    Students receiving detentions or referrals will not be allowed to participate in club activities for 2 weeks following the detention or referral. The first infraction will result in the member being placed on probation. Members will be suspended from the club after 3 infractions of the above. 

    Activities will vary throughout the year and may include but not be limited to:

    • Career Day
    • Adopt-a-Street program
    • Career Planning (Guest speakers will be invited in periodically)
    • Teachers' Appreciation Week activity
    • End of Year activity
    • Fund Raisers as needed
    • Contribute to Charity of Choice - one per semester
    • Dress for Success (days will vary)
    • Lock In
    • Assisting Teachers
    • Big Bend Cares



Last Modified on April 3, 2024