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    JCL – or Junior Classical League – is a club made up of Latin students and students interested in the world of Classical Antiquity. Students will participate in Brain Bowl style competitions (Certamen) and will learn about Classical Antiquity. 

Junior Classical League Announcements

  • Please join me in congratulating our Junior Classical League students on a fine performance. 


    Those placing in the top 10 in their categories, out of over 1200 students, were: 


    Amina Mubarak and Abby Snodgrass 9th place costumes


    Amanda Wiman  8th place costume


    Ollie Holden-Schrock 9th place Classical Art


    Davis Boor 6th place customs


    Emma Hanley Derivatives advanced 4th place and Reading Comp Prose adv. 4th place.


    Sabrina Hu Geography 4th place and Hellenic History 4th place


    Vishnav Deenadayalan 4th place in History of the empire, and 5th place in Vocab level 2.


    Sanoor Pradhan 10th place Latin Literature


    Erin Kang 7th place mottoes


    Anna Stvilia 10th place reading comp. prose adv.


    Alice Mao  Vocab level 2 8th place.

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Last Modified on October 24, 2022