• My name is Mr. Mayorga.  I can be reached by email at mayorgah@leonschools.net or by phone at 850-414-5500 ext. 4203.  I am available 2pm - 3:30pm Monday - Friday.  I utilize Canvas and Remind to send important information regarding posting of assignments and due dates and other important information -- parents and students, please sign up.  

    For students that need help with homework or tutoring in general, please let me know if you plan to stop by after school. 


    Daily Schedule:

    1st Period    Algebra 2                       Remind:  6c923g7367

    2nd Period   Precalculus (Honors)   Remind:  agf23kc3bb

    3rd Period   Algebra 2                       Remind:  783eea8b48

    4th Period   Algebra 2                        Remind:  49kg4986bk

    5th Period   Algebra 2                        Remind:  ag9fh7bbch