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    I'm Ms. Sullivan, and I teach AP Human Geography, IB Social and Cultural Anthropology, and IB Theory of Knowledge I.

    *AP Human Geography (HuG) integrates parts of population statistics, geography, political science, and economics to understand the relationship of humans with their envioronment and answer questions about the where and why we live in the locations we do. We also apply AP HuG concepts to current events happening from around the world, pulled from national and international news stories.

    *IB Social and Cultural Anthropology looks at cultures from around the world to compare aspects of culture like family structure, social organization, and gender, among others, which fosters the IB's goal of international-mindedness in all of its IB schools worldwide. We read ethnographies, which are books written by anthropologists about their fieldwork observing another culture, and also discuss current global issues.

    *IB Theory of Knowledge I (TOK) is a discussion-based class that looks at how knowledge is acquired and percieved, which includes the relationship of the student with their own knowledge. In the fall semester, however, we focus on how to build a college-level research paper and practice research and citation skills in preparation for the Extended Essay, one of the core projects of the IB Diploma.


    My office hours for the 2021-2022 school year are Monday-Wednesday after 7th period from 2:45-3:45.

    Students, please request a Zoom appointment for these hours via Remind.

    Parents, please send me an email with any questions, concerns, and/or comments and I will return your email with one business day.

    To access my class in Canvas, please click on the ClassLink icon. Then, click on the Canvas tile. You will see my course listed as one of your classes.

    This year I am implementing a new style of grading/assessment that is based on standards achievement. These assessments will occur approximately once a month, and each student's grade will be evaluated and updated based on their current achievement level with the skills (the rubrics are posted in Canvas). Students are encouraged to resubmit or reattempt assessments if they (or I) am not satisfied with their performance.  Any assessment can be done again for full credit.

    Thank you!

    Ms. Sullivan

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