•  How do I get to my class?

        • Go to  www.leonschools.net/rickards     
        • Click on the ClassLink icon in the upper left corner
        • Enter your log-in information
          • Username: STUDENT ID NUMBER
          • Password: RHS-LUNCHPIN
            • For example: 
              • Username: 123456789 (student id number)
              • Password: RHS-98765 (include the dash mark)
        • Click on the Canvas icon
        • Click on your class/class period

        Here is other information that is for your benefit:

        What if I forgot or don’t have my login information?

        • Please email RHS.Guidance@leonschools.net
        • Include the student first and last name, and grade level as 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th
        • State in the email, “I need the FOCUS Login credentials.”
        • Wait for the return email providing the login credentials.
        What If I forgot my password for FOCUS?
        • Please email RHS.TechHelp@leonschools.net
        • Include the student first and last name, and grade level as 9th, 10th, 11th, or 12th
        • State in the email, “Please reset the FOCUS password.”
        • Wait for the return email stating the new password.
        How do I get my lunch as a Digital Academy student?
        • A parent/guardian or other adult may pick up the lunch for you.
        • The “Grab-and-Go” sack lunch is available from 8am to 9am EST in the bus ramp
        • The individual must stay in their vehicle; if they are not in a vehicle, they must have on a mask while on campus
        • Students may not come through the Digital Academy lunch line because they should be in class at that time
        • Lunch may only be picked up for the students enrolled in the JSRHS Digital Academy
        What can my student expect on the first day of classes?
        • Teachers will demonstrate how to access online materials for class
        • Teachers will review behavior expectations for in-person students and for on-line students
        • Students will practice accessing their classes with teachers
        • Teachers start teaching; students start learning
         Do I have to wear a mask?
        • All on-campus students are required to wear a face covering/mask.
        • The face covering/mask must be dress code and CDC compliant.
        • Teachers will provide a free disposable mask if you need one.
        • Refusing to wear a mask will result in escalating disciplinary consequences.


        My office hours are M-TH 2pm - 2:45pm. I am available 24 hours a day by email.

         I look forward to meeting and working with all of you!

         Mr. Reddick