• Teacher Information:

    Name: Seth Reedy


    • IB Physics: This course explores content ranging from classical mechanics, thermal physics, wave phenomena, electricity and magnatism, and particple physics and prepares the student to take the IB Physics SL end of course exam.
    • AP Physics I: This course is designed to replicate that is covered in a college freshman Physics class. The topics covered are kinematics, dynamics, work and power, rotational motion, and gravitation and prepares the student to take the AP Physics I exam at the end of the year.
    • Physics Honors: This course serves as an introduction to the field of Physics and covers topics such as 1 and 2 dimensional motion, Newton's Laws of motion and gravitation, work and energy, thermal physics, waves and light, and electricity and magnatism.
    • Chemistry Honors: This course serves as an introduction into Chemistry. Topics covered throughout the year include: matter and it's properties, atomic models, periodic law, chemical bonding, chemical equations and reactions, gases, and acids and bases.

    Office Hours: 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM; Monday - Friday. Please schedule ahead of time with me. 

    • These can be done though zoom as well. 

    Contact information:

    • My preferred method of communication is email. You can contact me at reedys@leonschools.net. I reply to email with 24 hours on weekdays. 


    • I update focus with grades every week. Refer to grading policy on syllabus for more details.