James S. Rickards High School is now a Title I School. As a Title I School, we can offer additional educational resources and support for our students and parents. Through our IB, AP, GEAR-UP and AVID Programs, students will receive one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, and homework assistance if needed. Furthermore, online classes are available through Leon County Virtual School. 


    We are dedicated to innovative teaching that foster a learning community where instruction is student-centered, project based and connected to real-world experiences. Our curriculum is also designed to prepare students by developing the skills needed to be successful in their future careers as well as provide all students with an equitable educational experience that is Standards-Based, Attainable, Measureable, Relevant, and immersed in Technology. We believe all students can learn and that relationships are central to academic success.  For more information visit our LCS Title 1 site and our LCS Parent Involvement site


  • Valarie Washington
    Parent Liaison