• Mr. Juhasz Class

    Hello everyone and welcome to the new school year.  I graduated from the University of Georgia (UGA) with a degree in Mathematics Education.  I am a big fan of UGA football team and I also root for all the Pittsburgh professional sports teams.  I was born in Pittsburgh and lived there for the first few years of my life, so I was born into being a fan of those teams.  I enjoy spending time with my wife and dog when I am at home.  I also play flag football, soccer, and golf in my spare time.  I just wanted to share a little about myself so you can all know something about me.


    My Schedule:

    1st Period - Planning

    2nd Period - Pre-IB Pre-Calculus

    3rd Period - IB Math: Analysis and Approaches SL/HL  

    4th Period - IB Math:  Analysis and Approaches SL/HL

    5th Period - Pre-IB Pre-Calculus

    6th Period - AP Calculus AB  

    7th Period - AP Calculus BC 


    The best way to reach me is my email address: juhasza@leonschools.net.  I can also be reached on Remind, Focus, and Canvas.  

    If you need extra help outside of your class time I’ll be available after school Monday – Thursday from 2:45 – 4:00 pm.



    Open House:  Please enter the Zoom call for the period that your child has thier math class.  

    Zoom Link for Title I Meeting and Virtual Open House ---------> https://leonschools-net.zoom.us/j/81830347899


    5:00pm       Zoom Session opens


    5:30pm        Annual Title I meeting


    5:30-5:40pm       School Improvement Plan

    5:40-5:50pm       School-Parent-Student Compact

    5:50-6:00pm       Parent and Family Engagement Plan (PFEP)

    6:00-6:10pm       Q&A Session for Title I meeting

    6:10-6:15pm       Title I Survey; SAC interest survey


    6:15pm       Welcome to Virtual Open House

    6:20-6:30pm       First Period Transition (10 Minutes) - Planning

    6:35-6:45pm       Second Period Transition (10 Minutes) - Pre-IB Pre-Calculus

    6:50-7:00pm       Third Period Transition (10 Minutes) - IB Math: A&A SL/HL

    7:05-7:15pm       Fourth Period Transition (10 Minutes) - IB Math: A&A SL/HL

    7:20-7:30pm       Fifth Period Transition (10 Minutes) - Pre-IB Pre-Calculus

    7:35-7:45pm       Sixth Period Transition (10 Minutes) - AP Calculus AB

    7:50-8:00pm       Seventh Period Transition (10 Minutes) - AP Calculus BC

    Mr. Juhasz Class