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    Pre-IB Chemistry:

    Pre-IB program, is designed to be academically challengingand an opportunity to show students the many ways chemistry is so important in our everyday lives.Preparing students to face the challenges of scientific reasoning and problem solving, while learning how to communicate effectively and develop an international mind-set, is what we strive for in our students. Whether the student decides to continue their journey in chemistry or not, this year we aim to teach them the skills they will need for any future endeavour.

    Needed Supplies:

    Composition notebook (college ruled preferred, spiral notebooks not allowed)

    Scientific calculator (graphing calculator not required, but allowed)

    Portfolio 3 ring binder (max size. 1 1/2)

    Loose leaf paper

    Two pocket folder

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    IB Chemistry 1 & 2

    IB Diploma Program, studied at both the Standard Level (SL) and Higher Level (HL), is designed to be an academically challengingand balanced program. Preparing students to face the challenges of scientific reasoning and problem solving, while learninghow to communicate effectively and develop an international mind-set, is what we strive for in our students.Chemistry is an experimental science. Acquiring practical and investigative skills is as important as academic study.

    The IB SL Chemistry curriculum is equivalent to a college course usually taken by chemistry/science majors during their first year of college. After showing themselves to be qualified on the IB Exam, some students, in their freshman college year, are permitted to undertake upper-level courses in chemistryor to register for courses for which chemistryis a prerequisite.The course includes topics regularly covered in a college chemistrycourse for majors. This differs significantly from a first year high school chemistrycourse with respect to the kind of textbook used, the range and depth of topics covered, the kind of laboratory work done by students, and the time and effort required by the students.


    Office Hours: (School hours) M-F 7:30-1:50 in-school, 2:00-2:30pm after school and Remind; 

    Email: figueroas@leonschools.net - preferred method

    Classroom Procedures

    1. Be seated, organized and prepare to work when the tardy bell rings. 
    2. Come to class on time with the appropriate materials.
    3. Be respectful and cooperate with the instructor and with class members.
    4. Devote all of the time in class to assigned learning activities (this includes note taking). No cell phones allowed!
    5. Comply with all school rules as outlined in the student handbook.


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