• Trapp’s News


    May 7, 2017


    *          Field Day was a lot of fun Friday! The children enjoyed all of the activities & after it was over we celebrated Tenley’s birthday with juice/fudge pops! 


     *         This Thursday, May 11th, at 8:50, my class will be progressed monitored using AIMSwebPLUS for letter naming, letter word sounds, & Phoneme Segmentation (stretching out each word so we can hear the individual sounds in the word). Fluency/speed will be important & I will remind the children to answer quickly except for the Segmentation!

                For timed practice naming letters & saying sounds, please access ConnectEd on-line with Username LCSB_Lunch# and Password lcs12345. Click “To Do”, click orange circle “Games”, click 1st games “Fluency Word Automaticity”. Even though you see a page full of words, have your child practice naming each letter in 1 minute. You click on the 1st word to start & be sure to click “next” at the bottom right to turn the page if the timer has not gone off!

                Do this a few times at one sitting to see if the # improves. Then have your child do it again saying the sounds for each letter (except ck together will say c/k once & q or qu says kw).


    *          This Friday, May 12th, is our field trip to Tom Brown Park & IMAX. Our 4 volunteers who will be riding the bus with us are Mr. Nurse, Mrs. Prato, Mrs. Fendrick, & Mrs. Maxwell. All others may meet us at Tom Brown Park if you wish. We will play from 9:45-10:15, eat lunch 10:15-10:34, bathroom from 10:45-11, board bus 11:00, 11:15 go to IMAX. There are not enough extra seats in the IMAX theater to accommodate many more so I recommend only joining at the park if you wish.


    *          Let me know if you can help! Our Kindergarten Water Day is going to be Monday, May 22. I could use a few volunteers starting at 8:45 for outside activities and 1 or 2 volunteers at approx. 11:30-12:30, after we eat & go inside, to help the children with changing clothes. Thank you!!