• Trapp’s News

                                                              April 2, 2017



    *          Monday during PE all of the children will participate in Jump Rope for Heart activities. If you wish to return the donation envelope, your child will take it to PE with him/her. Send the envelope in your child’s folder & we (Ms. Elam & I) will pass them out as we are about to leave the room. Thanks!

    *          Tuesday during Media all of the children will be given time to browse the Book Fair & those who have an envelope from home with a note/order form & $ will be able to shop. We will follow the same procedure as I just explained for Jump Rope for Heart. Profit from these sales benefits our media center. Thank you so much!         

    *          We are going to have an egg hunt in the classroom on Friday, April 14. I am in need of a collection of small prizes that would fit in the large-sized plastic eggs. If you could send in 18 small prizes/items that would be fantastic! If you see boy & girl prizes, that would work, also! (7 boys & 11 girls) We will stuff the eggs on Monday & Tuesday, April 10 & 11, so any prizes sent in this week will be very much appreciated!!!

    *          Wednesday is the last day of the Peanut Butter & Jelly Drive. We are also asking for you to return your child’s field trip permission form to the Library. Thank you!!

    *          Ms. Elam is in her full time teaching portion of her internship and doing a nice job with the children! They are all learning lots. She just finished teaching three weeks of reading lessons & administered the unit test. All of the children passed! The same is true for Math Unit 8 - Higher Numbers to 100. A good job by all!

    *          Once a month our cafeteria is selling marshmallow treats and the cost is .25. I feel obligated to ask you to confirm with me that your child may purchase one in the future. You could do this by e-mail or write a note in your child’s folder. Thanks for understanding!     

    ****    I have a big announcement to make to you.

                I am officially retiring at the end of this school year! 

                It has been my pleasure to serve you, the parents, of Buck Lake Elementary and all of your wonderful children!!

                Thank you for everything!!!