Buck Lake Technology in the Classroom

  • Each classroom at Buck Lake has a 70 inch Interactive Board that students and teachers use to access curriculum and other learning materials on a daily basis. Additionally, each classroom at Buck Lake has a minimum of 5 computers for student use.

    Students in grades K-3 grade have I-pads in their classrooms that they use for assessments, enrichment centers, as well as using Osmos. Osmos are interactive learning manipulatives and games that work with the I-Pad and make great learning centers.

    We have two laptop carts for use with 4th and 5th grade students, as well as two I-Pad carts. These are utilized for collaborative learning, research, and formative assessments.

    Our newest classroom wing, Building 11 has 8 classrooms that have collaborative tables. These collaborative tables are unlike the traditional row seating that we often think of in classrooms. Hear, each group of students has a touch screen monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse. They work together on assignments and projects while the teacher monitors their progress. Two collaborative classrooms also exist in our fifth grade building.

    Many of our classrooms have begun to use Q-Ball voice enhancement. With the Q-Ball Microphone, students can hear what their classmates are saying in a fun, interactive way. For a video of Q-Ball in action, please visit https://www.youtube.com/embed/YPTqnvo3GEc?rel=0.

    Our school boasts 4 computer labs that students visit each week to work on interactive programming that is geared to their learning level.

    Additionally, our Media Center is home to a fabulous MakerSpace where one might find very simple building materials or programmable robots. Our Media Center is also home to our six 3-D Printers which we have courtesy of FCR-STEM.

    Our classroom teachers implement state-of-the art technology in their lessons and have been recognized for their leadership in our county and through the state. Many of our teachers are grant recipients and have been selected to present at National conferences such as the Future of Educational Technology Conference.