• Class Update Jan. 21-24

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 1/21/2020

    Class Updates for the week of January 21-24:


    ELA/Soc. Studies- Students recently took the STAR test and were provided with their points and book range. Please encourage your child to keep up with their AR reading.

     Homework- Readworks poem with questions- Due Thursday. Complete the activities for Studies Weekly #18. Due Friday. Extra credit is being offered for the completion of the Timeline Activity.

    January 24- Studies Weekly Quiz

    January 29- Spelling Quiz

    January 30- Reading Test


    Math- This week we are continuing Chapter 7- Multiplying Fractions.  We will have our mid-chapter quiz next Monday.  I am including the quiz and homework dates below.


    Science- We are continuing our study on the systems of the body.  I am including upcoming dates below.


    *Science Fair- I am so impressed with the fabulous Science Fair topics that were turned in last week!  Please continue to use the packet as a guide and feel free to ask questions anytime.  Please help your child pace their work and turn all assignments in on time!  I had almost 1/3 of the students who were not prepared with their topic/questions last Thursday, and this is very concerning.  Each worksheet counts as a QUIZ grade and ALL parts must be completed, attached, and on time to receive full credit!


    Math and Science Upcoming Dates:

    Tuesday 1/21- Math HW P149

    Thursday 1/23- Science 9.3 Quiz, Math HW P155

    Friday 1/24- Extra Credit Math HW given (optional, due Monday)

    Monday 1/27- Math Ch. 7 Mid-Chapter Quiz, Science HW- Finish 9.4 Packet

    Tuesday 1/28- Science Fair Worksheet 2 Due

    Wednesday 1/29- Science 9.4 Quiz, Math HW P161

    Thursday 1/30- Math HW P165 (Chapter Review)

    Friday 1/31- Chapter 7 Math Test

    Monday 2/3- Unit 9 Science Test



    Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • Class Update- Jan. 13-17

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 1/13/2020

    Happy Monday!


    ELA- This week students have an article set in Readworks that I assigned this past Friday. Students need to read the articles and write at least 3 sentences about what they learned from each article. Due Friday. We will have a spelling and vocabulary quiz on Wednesday and the reading test on Thursday.


    Social Studies- Read and complete Studies Weekly #17. Extra credit has been offered. Due Friday/No Quiz this week.


    Math- Students received their Ch. 6 review homework on Friday.  It is due back on Tuesday.  Please use it as a study guide for tomorrow's test!  The only other math homework this week will be on Thursday.


    Science- Science Fair packets went home on Friday, but we didn't have enough time to discuss in class.  I am going over the packet with them today and have changed the due date on Worksheet 1.  It will not be due until Thursday 1/16!  Sorry for the confusion.  The Science Fair Packet is attached to this email, but it is a scanned document and I cannot change the date on it.  The students know about the date change on the first worksheet.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

    We are continuing our science unit on systems of the body.  Our first quiz for Unit 9 will be Wednesday.  Students will have their packets, flashcards, and notes to study tomorrow!


    Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • Class Update-Dec. 16-20

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 12/16/2019

    Upcoming Dates:


    12/19- Winter party in homeroom classes

    12/20- School P.J. Day and Sing Along, Early Release at 12:20

    1/6- Teacher Planning Day

    1/7- Students Return


    Baby pictures are needed for the yearbook!  Please email a baby picture of your child to Mrs. Dougherty at doughertym@leonschools.net.  Pictures must be sent electronically.


    Language Arts- AR was due yesterday. There is no Language Arts homework this week.  Did your child mention the emotional moment we all had last week? We finished reading Where the Red Fern Grows and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house! We Loved the book!! Also last week, my students made holiday cards to be delivered to patients at TMH.


    Soc. Stu.- Students will complete the activities for Week #15- Due Thursday.

    Math- We have learned how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators and the students will take the Mid-Chapter 6 Quiz on Thursday.  The students will have time in class this week to complete one review homework page, but if more time is needed they can finish at home and turn it in on Thursday.
    Science- We are wrapping up Unit 3 and will take the test on Wednesday.  Your child will have their Benchmark Review completed and checked to study at home tonight.  Extra credit projects are due on Thursday!
    Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Rodriguez
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  • Class update- Dec. 9-13

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 12/9/2019

    Dear Parents,

    Here are the updates for our classes this week:

    Upcoming Dates-

    12/19 Holiday Party in homeroom classes

    12/20 Pajama Day, School Sing-along, Early Release at 12:20

    12/23-1/3 Winter Break

    1/6 Teacher Planning Day

    1/7 Students Return

    Math- We are starting Chapter 6- Adding and Subtracting Fractions.  The homework schedule for the next two weeks is listed below.  We will only complete half of this chapter before Winter Break and will finish the rest in January.

    • Wednesday 12/11- Homework P125
    • Wednesday 12/18- Fraction Review Homework Packet
    • Thursday 12/19- Chapter 6 Mid-Chapter Quiz

    Science- Last week we started Unit 3- The Solar System and the Universe.  This is a very short unit and we will finish/test before the break.  There is an extra credit project for this unit to help boost those science grades!  More information will be coming home today. 

    • Thursday 12/12- Homework is to finish 3.3 packet if needed (time will be given in class to complete)
    • Friday 12/13- Study for 3.3 Quiz on Monday!
    • Monday 12/16- Science Quiz, Finish Benchmark Review if needed
    • Tuesday 12/17- Study for Unit 3 Test
    • Wednesday 12/18- Unit 3 Science Test

    Language Arts/Social Studies- Homework- Readworks passage and questions- Due Thursday, Studies Weekly assignments- Due Friday

    Tuesday 12/10- Extra Credit essay due

    Wednesday 12/11- Spelling quiz

    Thursday 12/12- Reading test

    Friday 12/13- Studies Weekly Quiz

    Monday 12/16- AR Due!

    Wednesday 12/18- Pizza Party for students meeting AR goal

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  • Class Update- Dec. 2nd

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 12/2/2019

    Good morning!


    We hope you and your family had a restful and memorable Thanksgiving! We are wrapping up the semester in just 14 school days from today! Before the Thanksgiving break we had a lot of changes with our schedule, multiple musical performances, a field trip, etc. During that time we saw an increase in negative behaviors, a decrease in focus, and an overall change in attitude. We hope students are rested  and fresh so that they can end the quarter on a strong note!! Please encourage your child to work hard, and to stay focused and attentive!! We appreciate your support!! 


    Here’s what’s happening this week:


    Science Update- We are finishing Unit 8 this week and will take the test on Wednesday. Students will complete their Benchmark Review Monday and Tuesday during stations, and they will have it corrected with notes to study on Tuesday night. The next unit is a short one and we will finish it before Winter Break. It will be Unit 3- The Solar System and the Universe. Science homework this week:

    • Tuesday- Study notes, benchmark review and Unit 8 packet for Wednesday’s test
    • Friday- Finish Unit 3 Lesson 1 Sum it Up and Apply Concepts if needed (time will be given in class to complete this).


    Math Update- Our test on Chapter 5 Dividing Decimals will be on Friday. This week is a very busy week, so Thursday night’s homework is Extra Credit and will be sent home on Wednesday! However, I strongly encourage completing the extra credit homework to review for the test. Homework this week:

    • Monday- Practice WB p. 111
    • Wednesday- Practice WB p. 113-115
    • Thursday- *Extra Credit HW (Ch. 5 Review) p. 117


    Language Arts Update- Today we are starting Unit 2, week 3. Students received their new information sheets containing their spelling and vocabulary words to glue into their reading notebooks. The homework for the week is to complete the Readworks story and questions. Also, students have been reminded about the optional extra credit essay due on December 10th. The AR deadline is December 16th. Students who earn all of their points and have a cumulative quiz average of 80% or higher will attend the pizza party on December 18th!


    Social Studies Update- Students received their weekly newspapers today. They should complete the word puzzle, and  answer the Think and Review questions in complete sentences. There will be a quiz on Friday.


    Mrs. Rodriguez and Mrs. Roberts

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  • Class Update- Nov. 18-22

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 11/18/2019

    Upcoming Dates:


    11/18 Universal Deposit Due


    11/19 Field Trip to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab *STUDENTS SHOULD BRING A SACK LUNCH!


    11/22 Heritage Festival- Please see the Sign Up Genius for more information.




    ELA: There will not be any additional homework assigned next week. Please remind your child  to study for the spelling and vocabulary quiz on Thursday.

    Final Extra Credit of the quarter- Students were informed about the opportunity for extra credit in class last week. Those interested were given the information for the essay. It is due December 10th.

    Nov. 20th- Classroom speech contest-  Students’ speeches should be between 2-3 minutes long. Only notecards with bulleted points or simple notes are allowed during speech. Students are not permitted to read their speech.

    Nov. 21st- Unit 2, Week 2 spelling quiz and reading test. Also, Unit 2, Weeks 1 and 2 vocabulary quiz

    Dec. 16th- AR is due

    Dec. 18th- Pizza party for students who meet their AR goal- This is defined as having earned 100% of their points with a cumulative quiz average of 80% or higher.


    Soc. Studies: There will not be a Studies Weekly assigned this week.

    Nov. 18th- Family Heritage projects and presentations


    Math: We are continuing Chapter 5- Dividing Decimals.  There will only be homework on Thursday of next week.  We will have a mid-chapter quiz on Friday.


    Science: We started Unit 8- Forces and Motion last week.  The students will work on their science packet in class on Monday.  Homework will be Monday night (finish the Sum It Up and Apply Concepts- Due Tuesday) and Wednesday night (study for test).  We will have a quiz on 8.1 on Thursday.


    Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • Class Update- Nov. 12-15

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 11/12/2019

    Upcoming Dates:


    11/11- Veteran's Day (no school)


    11/14 Music Show during school and in the evening at 6:30 pm.


    11/18 Universal Deposit Due


    11/19 Field Trip to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab


    11/22 Heritage Festival- Please see the Sign Up Genius for more information.



    ELA Update- For homework this week, students should continue working on their speech. When they deliver their speech on November 20th, they are not allowed to read the speech. It should practically be memorized.  They are allowed to hold several notecards with bullet points, and that’s it. It’s important that they have timed it so their speech lasts between 2 and 3 minutes. I have index cards if your child needs any. Also, students are working to earn a pizza party in December for meeting their quarterly AR goal. Please check with your child about their progress.


    November 20th- Speech contest

    November 21st- Unit 2, Week 2 spelling quiz; Unit 2, weeks 1 and 2 vocabulary quiz; reading test. There will only be one more test after this one before the semester ends.


    The Unit 2, week 1 test proved to be challenging for a number of students. Students interested in extra credit may complete the article set in Readworks. I told the students about it on Nov. 8th and it's due on Nov. 13th.


     Social Studies- Students should be working on their Family Heritage Project at home.

    November 18th- Heritage bags and presentations


    Math Update- There is no math homework for the coming week.  We finished Chapter 4 and tested this week.  For the past two tests, I have cut the number of questions in half to make it not as overwhelming for the students.  It worked very well on the test for Chapter 3, but there were a lot of students rushing through the Chapter 4 test and making silly mistakes.  I explained to the class that they needed to use their notes, check their work, and look at decimal placement before turning the test in.  However, from some of the low test scores it seems that a lot of students did not check their work or did not study for this test.  PLEASE help your child be successful in math by doing the following things:


    1. Check their review homework and go over any mistakes BEFORE the test date. This is the best way to study! I still have several students not completing that critical review homework or getting half of the problems wrong.


    1. If they scored below a 70% on the Chapter 4 test- Help them correct the test and practice similar problems to reinforce the skills before they come in for a retake. I am always happy to send more practice problems home! I need all corrected tests (with parent signatures) to be turned in by Wednesday 11/13.  Students may come in for a retake on Thursday morning only if they turned in the corrections by Wednesday.  All graded tests were sent home on Friday. *Please remember that the highest score possible on a retake is a 70%!


    1. Please encourage your child and their math ability! I have students coming in telling me that they just aren’t good at math and nobody in their family is either, so they can’t get help with homework. Calculators and Photo Math are great tools to use in checking homework!  We are building their educational foundation now, and it isn’t too late to become a math superstar!  Ask your child to tell you about my sad math story and how it was a struggle for me until college.  I believe in your child and want them to be the best 5th grade student they can be!  Good elementary homework/study habits lead to good middle school homework/study habits. ﹂


    Science Update- We are finishing Unit 7 and will take the test on Thursday.  The students will have a benchmark assessment, their 7.2 classwork packet, notes, and flash cards that can be used to study for the test.  The only homework this week is to study for the test!



    Mrs. Roberts and Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • Speech/heritage project

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 11/7/2019

    Dear Parents,


    Please touch base with your child about their progress on their speech, as well as their Family Heritage Project. This week,  time was provided in class to work on both projects, no other homework was assigned, and students did not have to complete a reading packet. However, it appears that many students have not started either project or they are just starting to do research. I’ve advised students who chose a speech topic requiring research that if they have not started their research, they have until tomorrow to change their topic and get it approved.


    Due Dates:

    Nov. 18th- Family Heritage Project presentations

    Nov. 20th- Class speech contest


    Please let me know if you have any questions.


    Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • Heritage festival update

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 11/6/2019



    We have recently learned that Thursday, November 21st is the school-wide Thanksgiving Meal. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are going to need to move the Heritage Festival to FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd. We hope this does not inconvenience anyone, and we apologize if it does. If you are unable to volunteer because of this change, please delete your slot using the link below. 


    If you haven't signed up to bring a dish, we are still in need of multiple dishes. 




    Thanks for understanding,


    5th grade teachers

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  • Class Update Nov. 4-8

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 11/4/2019

    Let’s have a great week!!


    Upcoming Dates:


    11/8- Boosterthon Fun Run at 11:05, last day to turn in Marine Lab Field Trip money


    11/11- Veteran's Day (no school)


    11/14 Music Show during school and in the evening


    11/18 Universal Deposit Due


    11/19 Field Trip to the Gulf Specimen Marine Lab


    11/21 Heritage Festival- Please see the Sign Up Genius for more information.



    Math Update- We are finishing Chapter 4- Multiplying Decimals and will take the test on Thursday.  Please use Wednesday night’s homework as a study guide.  I will be absent on Wednesday, so all math homework will come home on Monday.  Pages 93-95 are due on Tuesday and page 97 is due on Thursday.


    Science Update- We began our new unit on electric circuits on Friday.  This is a very short unit and will only take a couple of weeks to complete.  Our first quiz will be on Friday.  Students will have their science packet and flash cards to study by Monday afternoon.  The only science homework this week is to finish the Sum It Up and Apply Concepts on Tuesday night, but time will be given in class to work on this assignment.


    Language Arts/Social Studies Update- For the next few weeks students will be working on their Family Heritage Project, due November 18th and their Speech, to be presented on November 20th. Other than continuing to read for AR, there will not be any additional Language Arts or Social Studies Homework. All directions for these two projects have been sent home. Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Nov. 5- Speech topic is due for approval

    Nov. 6- Spelling Quiz and Unit 1, Week 5 Vocabulary Quiz

    Nov. 7- Reading Test

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