• End of Year!

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 5/21/2019

    Please see the information and let us know if you have any questions, thank you!


    5/21/19 – Talent Show


    5/23/19 – 5th Grade Field Day (Class Shirts) - (Sign-Up Genius BELOW)


    5/24/19 – Field Trip to Skate World (Decades Party – Dress like you’re

    living in the 80’s)


    5/27/19 – Memorial Day – No School


    5/29/19 –5th Grade Walk of Honor Practice (10:45-11:45)/Half Day

    Dismissal at 12:20


    5/30/19 – 5th Grade Promotion Ceremony & Walk of Honor (10:30-12:10)/

    Half Day Dismissal at 12:20


    5/31/19 – Last Day of School/ Half Day Dismissal at 12:20/ 5th Grade

    All Stars vs. Faculty Kickball game

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. update 4/22-4/26

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 4/22/2019

    ELA/Soc. Stu.-

    Students have an article set for homework in Readworks, as well as their Studies Weekly. Both are due on Friday. Please encourage your child to continue reading and testing for AR. Please check your child’s grades. Some students have missing assignments. I will accept the work until this Friday, and then the missing code will be replaced with a 0 if it has not been submitted.

    May 13th- AR Target check- 60% or more

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. Update April 15-18

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 4/15/2019

    ELA/Soc. Stu.:

    4/17/19- FSA Practice test due. Please grade and sign your child’s test. Please see the link to the answer key below; Students take the Unit 4, Week 1 reading test.

    4/18/19- Studies Weekly due.

    4/22/19- 40% of AR points due.

    This week students will finish their Practice Reading test at home, as well as complete Studies Weekly #24. Please remind your child to complete their Think and Review Questions legibly, in complete sentences, and with correct capitalization, punctuation, and spelling. We are also completing end of the year reading and writing assessments in class.


    Answer key


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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. update- 4/1-4/5

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 4/1/2019

    ELA/Soc. Stu.:

    Tomorrow is the state writing test! I feel confident that students will shine! Many simply need an extra pat on the back for encouragement and a few reminders to focus on showing what they know and avoiding careless mistakes! Hopefully, you were able to review your child’s practice essay from last week and offer a few words of wisdom. Students can earn 4 points for organization, purpose, and focus, 4 points for evidence and details, and 2 points for conventions. The essay must also be legible. The planning sheet is not scored, and their writing must be contained within the lines of the test booklet. Students have IXL and 2 Readworks assignments this week, as well as Studies Weekly #21. Homework assignments are due on Friday

    April 4th- Spelling and Vocabulary quiz

    April 5th- Unit 3, Week 5 reading test and Studies Weekly Quiz; AR Target Check- 20%

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  • FSA practice writing test

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 3/29/2019

    Happy Friday, Parents!


    Today in class students are completing a self-review and 2 peer reviews of yesterday’s FSA Practice Writing Essay. I was pleased overall with how students did on the essay. However, there were multiple cases of students who forgot major portions of the essay, or they wrote their entire essay on the planning sheet instead of on the test papers, etc.


    We have worked long and hard on writing this year! The essay is worth 10 points and counts as part of your child’s overall Language Arts score on the FSA. It is still unclear as exactly how it is all weighted, but it has always been my strategy to help the kids earn as many points as possible in the hopes that it could at least bump up their score to the next level. For example, if your child scored a high Level 2, perhaps a strong score on the essay could boost them up to a Level 3.


    Students are bringing home their essay, planning sheet, and checklist today. Please review it and provide as much praise and or encouragement as you can!


    The actual writing test is on April 2nd and students will take the paper/pencil test in their homeroom class. I was able to check on each of my classes during the test yesterday to offer support and redirection, but I won’t be allowed to do that during the actual test.


    I appreciate your support!  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!


    Have a great weekend!

    Mrs. Rodriguez

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. Update 3/26-3/29

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 3/26/2019


    ELA/Soc. Stu.-

    Today we started Unit 3, Week 5 in Wonders. Students have the reading packet to complete for homework and should begin taking AR tests for this quarter. On Thursday, all fifth graders will take the FSA Practice Writing test. Students understand how to complete the task, they have practiced and practiced writing both informative and opinion writing, yet many students are falling short of the targeted score in the area of Evidence and Details. Please encourage your child to elaborate on their ideas and to provide multiple examples of text evidence that supports their reasons, or explain how, why, etc.

     I’m hopeful more students will meet their AR goal this quarter.
    Here are the AR Target Check dates and percentages:

    April 5- 20%

    April 22- 40%

    May 13- 60%

    May 20- 80%

    May 28-100%

    In Social Studies, students received the week 21 materials and should complete the assignments by Friday.

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. Update-March 11-15

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 3/11/2019

    ELA/Soc. Stu.:

    We are wrapping up all of our tests and quizzes this week. Students have been assigned IXL and Studies Weekly homework. Both are due on Thursday.

    March 11- AR was extended until today, Spelling and Vocab. quiz

    March 13- Unit 3, Week 4 reading test, AR Pizza party and electronics during lunch!

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. update March 4-8

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 3/4/2019

    ELA/Soc. Studies:

    This week we are starting Unit 3, Week 4. Students have IXL assignments, as well as an article set in Readworks for homework. In Social Studies, students are starting on week 19, and the assignments are due on Friday.

    March 6th- 100% of AR due- Pizza party for students who meet their goal will be coming soon!

    March 8th- Studies Weekly quiz

    March 11th- Spelling quiz and Vocabulary quiz-(Weeks 3 and 4 vocab. words/definitions)

    March 13- Reading Test

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. update- Feb. 25-March 1

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 2/25/2019

    ELA/Soc. Stu.:

    The third 9 week’s quarterly AR goal is due March 6th. Mr. Millard will provide students who meet their goal with a pizza picnic! As of today, around 15 students out of 56 have either met or are on track to meet their goal. We do not have a vocabulary quiz or a Studies Weekly quiz this week. We’re noticing a decrease in homework completion and classwork completion. Please remind your child to work on their Language Arts IXL assignments and their Social Studies assignments a little bit each night in order to have it completed by Friday.

    February 28- Spelling Quiz

    March 1- Reading test

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  • ELA/Soc. Stu. update Feb. 19-22

    Posted by Cindy Rodriguez on 2/19/2019

    ELA/Social Studies:

    Students received this week’s homework last Friday. They should have written their IXL assignments in their reading notebooks and they already have their Studies Weekly newspaper and assignments. We are slightly off of our testing/quizzing schedule so I will update students on the next dates as soon as possible. Our AR Target check of 75% is on Wednesday. Also, students need to bring whatever information their group needed for their project. Some students were responsible for drawing/coloring a picture, while others agreed to print out a picture or type and print their group’s information. All research should have been completed so that they can assemble their posters. Each class will display their posters outside of their classroom for the History Walk coming up later this month.


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