Dear Parents,


              I want to welcome you and your child to Kindergarten! Please feel free to communicate with me either by sending a note or e-mailing me at trappk@leonschools.net. I have planning everyday from 12:55-1:40 and will always be available for conferences. Let’s work together to make this a most enjoyable year!

              I never turn down volunteers! Whether it’s stapling, cutting, laminating, or working with children - all is appreciated. Please allow me time to establish classroom routines & then we will work on a volunteer schedule. Thank you!

              On Monday please walk your child to the classroom, help unpack, make sure I know where to take your child when school is over, say good-bye cheerfully, & then go to the boo-hoo/woo - hoo breakfast for moral support!!

              The rest of the mornings your child will put his/her backpack in a line by my classroom door & go to the kindergarten playground. By 8:20 the children will be guided to line up by the playground fence & taken to the breezeway where I will pick them up.

              As we are walking down to the classroom, if you are still next to your child, you need to cheerfully say your good-byes. It is best to say your good-byes outside, allowing your child to go in on his/her own.

              At the end of the day, wait for your child in the designated areas rather than the classroom door. This helps make for less confusion.


                                                    Things To Know

                                          Allow me to pass along some helpful hints. 


    Please have your child at school by 8:25. After Monday, children will be picked up by me in the breezeway where my name is displayed.


    Lunch costs $2.00. Your child may purchase only milk for 50 cents. You may pay by the day. However, we encourage paying by the week or month. You may access your child’s account through the school web site & pay or send an envelope in your child’s daily take-home folder labeled with your child’s name, lunch number #, my name , & amount of $ enclosed, or  you can go to Mrs. Smith, in the Guidance Hallway by the office, today or any morning & pay. 


    Lunch choices are listed on the Buck Lake web site.


    Each morning in the classroom your child will unpack his/her backpack, putting lunch boxes on top of the cubbies & putting take-home folders in the designated container. Please put all notes & money envelopes inside your child’s folder. While the children watch our school news program “WBLS”, I open each folder & take care of the contents.


    Please make sure your child’s backpack & folder are brought to school each day.


    Mark your child’s name on lunch boxes, backpacks, sweaters, coats, rest towels.


    Your child’s rest towel will be sent home for washing depending on frequency of use.


    After the 1st week of school, if your child is late to school, please stop in the office for a late pass before walking to the classroom.


    Upon returning to school after being sick, please write a note or e-mail me so that the absence can be marked excused. This must be done within a week of the absence.


    If there is a change in the way your child goes home, you MUST write a note to me so that I am aware of it. Last minute changes can be handled by calling the office 488-6133. Do not depend on e-mail for I may not have time to read it until after dismissal.


    Check your child’s folder daily for any new information. When I send home papers & newsletters, please go over them with your child. Reinforcing our school activities will make a difference!


    Toys are to stay home. Keep backpacks cleaned out.


    If addresses or phone numbers change during the year, please inform us.


    Please dress your child in clothing that:

              - allows for self-dressing

              - is appropriate for Arts & Crafts

              - is appropriate for the weather

              - allows for outside play (sneakers are highly recommended!)


    I am looking forward to a fun year filled with lots of learning!





                                                                       Kathy Trapp