• Trapp’s News

                                                              February 19, 2017



    *          The bash this coming Saturday is going to be sooo much fun for the children!!! It’s from 10 to 2. Even if you can come for just a little bit, it’s worth it! A shuttle bus will be running from Swift Creek Middle school if you are not in walking distance to the Buck Lake. Purchasing tickets ahead of time saves you money. This week tickets may be purchased at car drop-off or car pick-up M-F or on Thurs. from 4:30-6:00 at afterschool in the cafeteria.

                Thank you to all who sent in items for our Tisket Tasket basket which we were responsible for! A chair, umbrella, 2 beach towels, & lots of fun items were brought in. You have 1 free bright orange “Tisket Tasket Enrty Form” slip that was stapled to your pink Advanced Ticket Order Form. Put this in you purse/wallet to fill out & turn in on Saturday. Of course, meanwhile, you may want to order more tickets just for these baskets! You are going to see a WONDERFUL assortment of theme baskets!

                 Our Tie Quilt is done! This is our class contribution to the Silent Auction on Saturday. Some children laid their ties out in a fat end/skinny end pattern & some of the children wove their ties. We did pretty well! There was just 1 mistake toward the end. So just a few rows had to be redone! After pinning & ironing (stitch witchery), our quilt is complete! Please come to the media center on Saturday to see all the items available to bid on…especially ours!! THANK YOU!!!


    *          The children are progressing nicely in soo many areas! Many children learned all or just missed one on their recent assessed ladder. Thank you for your support as we work together to help your child to grow!

                I am attaching the Kindergarten 40 Wonders Sight Words all K. children need to know by the end of the school year. If your child is fluent (quick & correct) with letter naming & letter sounds, then moving on with memorizing more sight words is the next step.

                Children who are now reading baggie books are practicing the 1st set of Wonders First Grade sight words starting at #41 and children who are reading A.R. books are practicing Wonder words starting at #100.


    *          As the children progress with their letter writing & sound recognition, the more able they are to Kid Spell words more easily. It is so exciting for the child to hear an adult read their writing & it is very exciting for us as adults to see the children reach this stage.

                Please encourage your child to draw a picture & write a sentence about it. The children are now working on beginning each sentence with a capital, finger spacing after each word, & stopping their sentence with an ending mark (.,!,?).     

                The children have time after lunch during our restroom break to have free choice writing at their tables. I look over the completed papers at the end of the day. Children earn stickers for starting with a capital, finger spacing, & stopping their sentence. Your may see homework papers coming home to reinforce these new skills.


    *          In Math we have been busy counting, writing, & understanding the meaning of these 2 digit numbers 11 -19! Your child may enjoy completing the exercise that goes along with this chapter:


                            HMH Mega Math Country Countdown, Counting Critters, Level D



                                                                            Thank you!!