• Trapp’s News

                                                    December 4, 2016         


    *        On Monday we will finish our reading Wonders Unit 3 Week 3 lessons. Then Tuesday we will take our unit test which covers all 3 weeks of Unit 3.

              Thank you for guiding your child in completing the homework I send home for each of the week long lessons. They are exactly matched with what we are doing in the classroom.

            Being fluent with AaBbCc’s –recognizing the letters, saying their sounds, writing the letters correctly, & last but not least, sounding & blending the letter sounds to read decodable words is a huge kindergarten goal!!

              The ladder homework I send home is in addition to the above mentioned homework. This is individualized for your child. I will recheck that when we return after our winter break.


    *        We read The Legend of the Poinsettia & I modeled how we can paint our own poinsettia. The children will take turns at the easel this week. After completing a couple more steps, the kindergarten artists will be bringing home a rolled gift for his/her family. J


    *        At the Listening Center this week the children are going to listen to Gingerbread Baby. This story ties in nicely with making gingerbread houses which we will start this week & finish the following week.

              Mrs. Ballantine created a sign-up list for what I need. I am going to attach the list as well since I could always use a few extra containers of icing & another small bag of sugar gum drops by this Tuesday. Thanks!


    *        Ms. Elam will be with us this Monday & Wednesday till 11:00 & will return on Jan. 10th. She will then be with us full time for her official internship.


    *        I have sooo enjoyed watching the children grow in their understanding of addition and being able to put so many different number pairs together to make the same sum. Friday, we even used folders so I could see who needed my help & who did not. After a few more days of practice, I plan to give Chapter 5 test this Thursday.  


    *        Our Social Studies lessons will focus on our winter holidays including those around the world!


    Thank you for your support! Together, we can help your child learn & understand sooo much!