• Trapp’s News


    October 9, 2016       


    *        Our scheduled conferences for this week are the following: Monday: Taylor 5:00; Tuesday: Everett 4:30, Hansine 5:00; Thursday: Cristian 4:30, Reagan 5:00; Friday: Cameron 3:00, Connor 5:00.

              Please come to the classroom. You do not need to stop in the office unless you are meeting me at 3:00. Your child may come & choose a center to play in. However, due to small size toys & K level activities, younger children will need to be in a stroller or lap. Thanks for understanding!

              If something comes up, just e-mail me. I understand things happen out of our control. We can reschedule.


    *        Tuesday is our field trip to Publix & the Pumpkin Patch! Due to the hurricane, delivery of our t-shirts was postponed. Please dress your child in good walking shoes & pack a complete lunch, including a drink. We will have a special picnic lunch in our classroom when we return.

                     Chaperones will sign in at the office & come to the classroom between 9 & 9:15.


    *        Thursday & Friday I checked AaBbCc Recognition, Letter Sounds, &/or Sight Words that was on each child’s “Ladder” sent home 4 weeks ago. I will update their Language Master cards & send home a new ladder a week from this Monday. Our K goal is to be able to name all AaBbCc’s, their sounds, & 40 Wonders Sight Words.

              Children who can read the Wonders 40 Sight Words will begin Baggie Books. Children who can read 80-100 sight words will take a STAR test to determine their Accelerated Reading level & begin reading A.R. books.

              Please be sure to complete the reading homework I am sending home which focuses on our current “week’s” lesson. Memorizing sight words, letters, & sounds helps to develop fluent readers! Learning to notice details in pictures builds comprehension!

              Here’s a tip for recognizing b & d: Make a fist. Touch your 2 fists (bent fingers) together. Stick your thumbs up in the air. On the left can you see a b? On the right can you see a d? You made a bed. I also tell the children that b comes 1st in the alphabet & then d, just like your bed! 

              We completed our reading Wonders Unit 1 Week 1- 3 lessons & took the culminating test. A detailed sheet is coming home that will tell you how your child did & what s/he missed. These Wonders assessment grades count 80% of their reading grade for the 2nd-4th 9 week grading periods. Kindergarteners do not get academic grades on their report card this first 9 weeks. 


    *        The children are doing a nice job learning to write #’s 6-9. Here are the writing poems I sent home at the start of the chapter:

              Down to a loop, the 6 rolls a hoop.

              Straight across and down from heaven.(Go down at a slant.) That’s the way to make a seven.

              Make an S then come back straight. That’s the way to make an eight.

              A loop & a line make a nine.


    *        The following is optional on-line homework in Think Central which goes with what we are working on in math right now: HMH Mega Math Country Countdown, Counting Critters, Level B & Level C


    * The weather is changing! Feel free to send in another change of clothes for cooler weather in a zip lock bag & ask your child to put the 1st bag of clothes in the backpack.



                                                    Thank you!!!