• Trapp’s News

                                                    January 15, 2017


    *          AIMSWEB testing is going to be this Wednesday, Jan 18th, from 8:50-9:40. The children are going to name letters for 1 minute, say sounds of each letter in words for 1 minute, & "stretch out" (segment) words told to them.  

                The expectation is going to be higher this time so we need to encourage the children to quickly read across the page with few stops & if they come to a letter or sound they forgot, say hmmm, & go on. A few wrong shouldn’t hurt their score but stopping/pausing & then answering will definitely take away from some of their response time.

                The Connect Ed (Wonders) web site has a timed one minute game which you could use for practicing letter names & then do it again saying letter sounds. For segmenting, say any word to your child & ask your child to stretch it out. If you here a sound when you say it. You should be able to hear your child say the sound as well. Ex’s: hand…h..a..n..d    bird..b..r..d tree…t..r..e


    *          Thank you for helping your child practice his/her new ladder. If your child is learning the sight words quickly, please feel free to go ahead by looking at the kindergarten Wonders Sight word list on our Kindergarten Web Site. You are able to print them as flashcards from this site.

                Children who have learned all 40 of the K Wonders sight words will bring home baggie books for extra practice and children who can read 100 sight words will begin reading Accelerated Reading (A.R.) books. For A.R. the children take comprehension tests after reading their books without any help. Therefore, I have found, being able to read 100 sight words provided a good foundation for a successful start with A.R.

              If your child was absent or for extra practice you may access 3 books on Connect Ed Unit 4 Week 2.


    *          We have been busy practicing subtraction & completing our Middle of the Year Math Progress Monitoring Test. I have emphasized the importance of “starting with all of them!” if we are subtracting, even if some of the pictures are crossed out!        

                Our subtraction test is planned for this coming Friday. On the Homework packet of papers, I will circle not only homework questions that go along with the chapter test questions but also homework questions that go along with the Mid-Year Progress Monitoring Test for chapters we have already completed.

                Your child may enjoy completing these exercises that go along with subtraction:

     HMH Mega Math Country Countdown, Block Busters, Level B

     HMH Mega Math Country Countdown, Counting Critters, Level H

     HMH Mega Math Numberopolis, Carnival Stories, Level A

     HMH Mega Math Numberopolis, Carnival Stories, Level B


    *           I see the Valentine cards are already being sold! Please feel free to start your child on this project. I think it is really good practice for the children to address & sign (or type their own labels!) for their valentine cards. So, doing a few at a time is the way to ensure neatness. J Here is the list of classmates:

     Bryce      Cameron     Connor    Cristian       Danny      Dominic      Emma      Hansine       Kora        Lilli             Lily         Maci   Maddie       Reagan       Saylor      Taylor         Tenley


     The cards need to be sent in by Tuesday, Feb. 7th. The children will decorate special bags in the classroom and will each have a turn delivering their cards to their friends’ bags.


    ****Thank you for returning your child’s signed, empty report card envelope!