• Trapp’s News


                                                                                                       October 30, 2016


    *        We will start our Fall Party tomorrow, Monday, at 8:45. If you volunteered to help with the centers, please come at 8:45 or before.

     The children are encouraged to come to school dressed as a favorite book character & bring their book.

              We will have a school-wide Character Parade starting at 10:00.


    *        Friday is our Boosterthon Fun Run! Please dress your child in their green field trip shirt & tennis shoes. Our run begins at 8:45. If you would like to come & watch, please do. The children have a blast!  We will see you at the field, not outside the classroom.


    *        Report cards will come home in your child’s folder Wednesday, November 2nd. You will keep the report card & only return the empty envelope. Please be sure to sign the front of the envelope by “1st 9 Weeks”. Thanks!


    *        Our new week’s reading stories are focusing on the “World of Bugs”. The timing of this is good since we now have 2 chrysalises we have been observing for about a week! Two weeks ago the children observed  two caterpillars growing, eating leaves, then attaching themselves to our bug screen & hanging in the shape of the letter J. The chrysalises formed 1 day after that!

              This last week’s reading lesson is a review of all the letters & sounds introduced so far: Aa, Mm, Pp, Ss, Tt. It is also a review of all the site words introduced: the, a, I, can, see, we, like. Thank you for your support as you complete the homework exercises that I send home at the beginning of each week long reading lessons. The children will take the Wonders Unit 2 test  this Friday.


    *        In math we had hands-on experience using cubes & # tiles.  The children have been figuring out how many more is needed to make 10. We then used pictures on paper to show our understanding.

              We also started counting on, not starting with # one, & filling in the missing #. Some of the children need more time & experience counting on from a number other than #1. So, if your child can easily read these numbers 6, 7, ___, 9, 10 & know that 8 is missing, s/he can “count on”. If your child needs to start with 1 in their head until s/he gets to 6, & then point & count & fill in the missing #, more experience with this is needed.  I have examples of this on file folders with pumpkins which I will use with the children Monday.


    **** THANK YOU!!!! Your participation in our Boosterthon has increased!! Our class is now at $16.29 Per Lap!!! Thank you, again!!!