• Trapp’s News

                                                    December 13, 2016

    *        The next 3 days are early release days with dismissal at 12:20.

    The children will have special area 11-11:25 on Wed & Fri, though it will be all outdoor play. On Thursday the children will watch the Music Program at 10:30 & not have special area.

    We will be eating our lunch in the room before special area & after the music program. Please be sure to send lunch or have your child purchase a bag lunch all 3 days. Their active bodies need the healthy food & not just snack food, even if they are getting picked up early. Thanks!

    *        The children have enjoyed singing the 12 Days of Christmas & I have planned a special activity for our next sing-along using gum drops (thanks to Cameron's family!) for each student & a picture of a tree with #'s 1-12 in random order. I am also planning to use a very large floor tree with #'s, similar to a cake walk, as we march, listen to winter songs, read #'s, & earn a sugar cookie! 


    *        Thank you for all your support as you volunteered to send in Gingerbread House items as well as keeping up with homework. I was pleased overall with our math & reading assessments. 

              In reading I will emphasize locating sounds at the beginning, middle, or end of words as you include the similar reading activities 3 times a week.   I will also assess the children on their ladder the week we get back from break to provide individualized learning for all.

              It was exciting to see how many children understood & related the term “number pairs” from our addition math lessons to our math assessment. I worked hard to provide practice in a fun way using the children’s word problems. The children came up with many different number pairs for numbers 5-10.


    *        AIMSWEB testing is going to be Jan 18th. The children are going to name letters, say letter sounds, & "stretch out" (segment) words told to them.  The expectation is going to be higher this time so we need to encourage the children to read across the page with few stops & if they come to a letter or sound they forgot, say hmmm, & go on. A few wrong shouldn’t hurt their score but stopping & not moving across the page will definitely be held against them (unfortunately!).

              I wanted to share this in case you have time over the holiday to practice .


                                 Have a very nice break! Safe travels!

    May your time with family & friends form wonderful, lasting memories!