• Trapp’s News

                                                                                                      November 13, 2016        


    *        The last day to send in money for the Boosterthon was extended till this Thursday, Nov. 17th. As a school, there was quite a bit of money pledged but we also had a lot of outstanding balances. I forwarded the e-mail just to those this pertained to. Thank you again for this school- wide fund raiser!

     *        I walked into our classroom last Monday & found 2 butterflies trying to fly further than just inside their screened area! As the children were lined up with their backpacks to come inside, I took the cage outside & the children watched as Ms. Elam lifted the screen & off they flew! Nice culmination to our bug unit!

     *        Last week I sent home the results of our Unit 2 Wonders reading test. I attached homework just for those who appeared to need extra practice with beginning/ending sounds & hearing/counting how many sounds in short words. Thank you for completing the “Comprehension” part of our Home-School Connection homework sheets which reinforces the reading lessons.

              Ms. Elam full taught this past week & will do the same this week. In reading she focused on introducing the short i sound, sight word “to”, & stories that reinforced “Rules to Go By”.

              I started assessing the children on their most current ladder of letter names, sounds, & sight words. I will finish this week. A toy from the treasure box will be earned if they get 100% or miss just one! 

     *        In Math Ms. Elam introduced addition & did a nice job involving the children as they recreated story addition problems. The children are also using counters & cubes for hands-on learning.

     *        Our Social Studies lessons of course focused on voting & Veteran’s Day. Videos, discussions, sample ballots, voter’s registration cards, & drawings of ways to salute (show thanks) veterans took place. Ms. Elam did a very nice job introducing, discussing, explaining, & guiding the children with these activities.

     **** This Thursday, Nov. 17, you may join your child for a Thanksgiving feast in the cafeteria. HOWEVER, please send in your reservation tomorrow, Monday, Nov. 14, so there is enough food for all!! Also, all money needs to be put into your child’s lunch account. Therefore, send $ in an envelope with your child’s name & lunch # & we will get it to the cafeteria ahead of time! If you plan to come, you may wait outside the classroom. Our Pilgrim boys & girls will join you walking to the cafeteria!

              We usually need to be in the lunchroom by11:40. I am waiting to hear what our adjusted lunch time will be for Thursday. Thanks!