Dr. Joe Williams, IB Program Coordinator

To All IB Parents and Guardians:

IB Junior CAS Assembly: Our CAS Assembly for IB Juniors will take place on Monday, September 12, 2022, in the Rickards Auditorium, during 4th, 5th, and 6th periods.  Students will learn all about their IB CAS requirements, including how to use ManageBac to document and reflect on their CAS experiences.

May 2022 IB Exam Session Highlights: Our 2021-2022 IB seniors and juniors did very well this past year in their overall IB Exam results.  38 out of 56 (68%) of our IB Diploma Candidates (Class of 2022 IB Diploma Program Seniors) earned an IB Diploma.  Our overall IB Exam pass rate (4 or higher out of a possible 7) for all 135 students who took IB Exams was even better, at 78%.  Additionally, one of our Class of 2022 IB Graduates scored 44 out of a possible 45 points on his IB Exams – the highest individual point total for a Rickards IB graduate!

2022 IB Diplomas and Transcripts are in: The 2022 IB Diplomas and IB Transcripts have arrived from Cardiff, Wales, UK.  2022 IB graduates or their parents can pick them up from Dr. Williams in the front office at Rickards.  Please email or call ahead so Dr. Williams can leave your IB Diploma and/or IB Transcript at the front office for you, in case he is not available when you come to campus.

Welcome back to the 2022-2023 school year!  We all look forward to another successful year and welcome your cooperation and participation as we strive to continue and build upon the achievements of our IB Program.

Two-thirds of our IB Administrative Team is brand new this year, but our offices are still in the main administration building. We welcome Mrs. Melissa Cooper and Mrs. Victoria Williams to our IB Administrative Team!  Both are experienced Rickards educators, and we are excited about the valuable experience and skills they bring to our IB Program. 

Here are our phone numbers and email addresses where you can reach us:

Dr. Joe Williams, IB Coordinator (850-414-5036) williamsj@leonschools.net

Mrs. E. Melissa Cooper, AP Coordinator and Assistant IB Coordinator (850-414-5005) coopere@leonschools.net

Mrs. Victoria Williams, IB Academic Dean (850-414-5597) williamsv3@leonschools.net

We welcome all our Rickards students back to campus this school year.  Just like all other Leon County Schools, we continue to use CANVAS this year as our primary online tool for curriculum delivery in order to minimize the number of different websites students have to go to in order to communicate with their teachers and access their online learning materials.  Students still need to use FOCUS to keep track of their official grades and attendance in each of their classes. 

For our IB juniors and seniors, we are still using ManageBac to keep track of CAS progress and document CAS experiences and reflections, and we will still use ManageBac to upload all Extended Essay documents and keep track of student progress on their EEs.  IB Juniors will receive access to this portal soon and will receive training on how to use it.

We look forward to a safe and productive 2022-2023 school year and welcome your input and feedback as we seek to ensure our students’ academic success.