Mr. Striplin, Assistant Principal Administration/Discipline

Please take time to review the JSRHS Student Code of Conduct 2022-2023. The student code of conduct highlights important policies and procedures, such as the dress code, tardy policy and other disciplinary guidelines established at James S. Rickards High School for the 2022-2023 school year. If you have any questions or concerns regarding student affairs, please contact Dean Thomas or AP Striplin via phone or email. Thank you.

Student Code of Conduct Handbook

Although the weather is cooler in the mornings, please remember that pajama pants and/or blankets are not permitted.  Please contact our School Social Worker, Mrs. Madinah Combs if you need assistance with clothing that is school-appropriate for cooler weather. 


Students are expected to be in class daily, on time.  The school bell schedule is attached for reference. Bell Schedule


A student who arrives unexcused to class up to 10 minutes after the bell scheduled beginning time shall be recorded tardy (District Policy).  

A student who arrives unexcused to class over 10 minutes after the scheduled beginning time shall be recorded as late (District Policy). 

Students who arrive to class past 15 minutes will be marked late (District Policy) and receive a referral as skipping (Rickards policy).

After 5 tardy/late in a 9-week period, students may receive an administrative referral for excessive tardiness.  Students will receive 1-day OFI (Opportunity for Improvement) after the 5th tardy and 1-day OFI for each additional tardy/late.

Parents, guardians, and students, 

The school’s dress code is designed to facilitate an environment where the school pursues its purpose of providing students an education based on academic excellence while limiting distractions and keeping the focus on learning.  Please review the attached dress code with your student. JSRHS Dress Code

James S. Rickards discipline plan is now active. Please review the RHS Student Code of Conduct posted on the school website.

You may also access the Student Code of Conduct here

If there are any questions regarding student affairs, please contact AP Striplin or Dean Thomas.