• SAC (School Advisory Council)

    Purpose- Each advisory council is composed of the principal and an appropriately balanced number of teachers, education support employees, students (secondary  level only), parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, and economic community served by the school (State Statute #1001.452).

     The team of individuals from various segments of the community:

    • Adopt bylaws for their procedures
    • Focus efforts on increasing student achievement
    • Assist in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan
    • Approve and ensure that the School Improvement Funds enhance school performance through the development and implementation of a School Improvement Plan.

    The goal is to allow members (parents, teachers, community members, PTO members and administrators) to discuss problems and innovative solutions. Florida Statutes mandate that each School Advisory Council adopts a school improvement plan - a local blueprint on how to best improve local school.

    SAC meetings are:

    • Scheduled at times convenient to most members
    • Announced publicly at least three working days in advance of the meeting
    • Opened to the public, subject to the Florida Sunshine Law, which means the SAC's    
      work, its plan, the information developed and used in writing the plan, and the      
      meetings all must be open and accessible to anyone who is interested
    • recorded and under the Florida Sunshine Law must be available for inspection by any interested person


Annual Membership Form