• Introducing Office 365 for Students / Employees

    Leon County Schools is proud to announce the new Microsoft Office Pro Plus Program to students, parents and employees. This program provides free access to Office 365 Pro Plus for students enrolled in school districts and employees of school districts that purchase enterprise-level licenses. Leon County Schools meets this requirement!

    Any student who is currently enrolled in the Leon County School District or active employee is eligible and may download and install Office 365 Pro applications on up to 5 devices (PC, MAC, and/or mobile device). Employees of LCS schools may also do the same using their network credentials

    Log into Office 365 -

    Office 365 Support Site -

    Chiles Students – before installing Microsoft Office 365 on your home computer, make sure you have logged on to a computer at school and established a password. If you have not done this:

    1.       Locate a school computer to use. IRC computers are available before school, during lunchtime, and after school. Staff members will provide assistance if needed.

    2.       Enter your username - student_number@edu.leonschools.net

    3.       Password - if you have not created a password this school year, ask for assistance with the default password which must be entered before you can change to a new password.

    4.       Once you have signed on to a computer at school with your username and new password, you can then follow the school website directions for installing Office 365 on your home computer.