• The World Languages Department at Rickards prepares our scholars to be citizens of the world through learning other languages and cultures. Classical Latin connects students to nearly 2000 years of the Western world's language, literature and society. Modern French, Chinese and Spanish expose students to the people, language, and literature of three of the most commonly spoken languages in the United States and across the world.



    Our world language and Art/Film classes are moving along well. In Latin we have just completed our second assessment. Latin 1 students are starting to get action verbs. Latin 2 students are going to start discussing seasons and weather, while Latin 3 students are learning the pluperfect tense. 


    Latin:  By the end of this week all Latin students have completed their first assessment, and, apart from IB 5 and 6, which haven't been graded yet, all classes have demonstrated clear comprehension of the material. IB Latin students have begun to do research for their IA and learning about Roman Love Poetry. Latin 1 students have started learning about Roman families and how slavery in classical Rome worked. Latin 2 has started to learn about the Roman military. Lastly Latin 3 students have begun to learn more advanced grammar and vocab to discuss past tense situations.  


    Latin:The Latin classes have been working on building a sense of community while also getting into the story of Familia Romana Per Se Illustrata at each level, while IB 5 and 6 students have started to grapple with authentic Roman Love Poetry. First assessments soon. 

    Our Latin Club, JCL, held its first general meeting on Monday, August 22nd, during lunch in Mr. A's room and it was pretty much standing room only. The club has many events coming up and we are excited about the year to come.  

    French: French IB courses are continuing to engage in conversations surrounding French literary masterpieces in preparation for the IB exam in May!