• Mentor Facts
    The Facts…A child who meets with a mentor once a week is:
    • Less likely to try illegal drugs
    • Less likely to experiment with alcohol
    • Less likely to skip school
    • Less likely to get into a fight
    • More likely to succeed in school

    What is Mentoring?

    For Leon County Schools, it is spending up to one hour, with one child, once a week.  Mentoring sessions take place on school property, during the school day.

    Who can Mentor?
    Any adult who attends a formal mentor training and who is approved through the   LCS criminal background check process can be a mentor.
    Who Qualifies?
    It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do for a living.All that matters is that you care enough to commit to one child, once a week.
    Did You Know?
    All state agencies and many local businesses allow up to one hour per week for mentoring.  Ask about it!
    How can I become a Mentor?It is EASY!
    • Get Trained: Attend a two hour training session
    • Get Fingerprinted: Leon County Schools offers free, inkless fingerprinting and criminal background checks for anyone who completes the mentor training and paperwork process.
    • Get Matched: After your background check   is approved, your school-based  mentor coordinator will match you with a child. 

    Got Questions?

    Call  the Leon School Volunteer  Program at  487-7800.