• Become a Volunteer Today! 

    The Leon School Volunteer Program is a district-wide effort to encourage and promote community involvement in our schools.

    There are many ways to provide assistance to our students, staff and schools. Through the Leon School Volunteer Program, individuals have dozens of volunteer opportunities waiting for them at each of our schools.   Through activities such as tutoring, assisting in classrooms, offices, clinics and media centers, school volunteers supplement the work of teachers and school staff – continually enhancing the quality of our children’s education.

    By joining the Partners for Excellence Program, businesses, agencies and organizations can provide resources (both material and human) that help to meet school needs that shrinking budget dollars cannot.  

    We welcome you as a volunteer for the Leon County Public Schools!

    Volunteers help the district deliver valuable services to students and teachers that would not be possible without the support of our community. 

    There are dozens of unique volunteer assignments at each of our school sites and each one has an identified Volunteer Coordinator able to assist new volunteers as they join the ranks of the Leon School Volunteer Program!

    In the school year 2013-2014, more than 10,000 individuals registered as volunteers for Leon County Schools. That means that thousands of students received individual attention and so vitally need to help them succeed and hundreds of teachers received those “extra pair of hands” that are so much appreciated.

    For more information about placement as a Leon School Volunteer, please contact your School-Based Volunteer Coordinator or call the District School Volunteer Office at 487-7800.



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