• Packet Returns

    Recently, we have been advised to escalate our social distancing efforts. This includes limiting our schools to visitors. In an effort to reduce personal contact we will be accepting packets through the end of the day on Monday April 13th, 2020. We will not be distributing week 3 - 4 packets or accepting returned packets on campus after this date. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes for our parents. The number one factor in reducing any contagious virus is social distancing. By inviting families on campus to pick up and return packets we ARE NOT following guidelines to reduce social contact with others AND acting in violation of the state recommended “Safer at Home” orders AND the CDC guidelines for safe and healthy behaviors during this time.


    We are encouraging parents and guardians to mail, record on phones, email completion verification, take a picture with tablets, send remind texts, and using whatever other methods you have for communicating with your child’s teacher during this challenging time for all of us. If you have especially extenuating or unique hardship situations we ask that you work with our teachers to reach a solution to communicate regarding students’ progress.