• FBS Art

    Welcome to Art! 

    On this webpage under Distance Learning you will find creative adventures and inspiration for your art!  I will be posting short videos, pictures, and instructions here for you to explore. 

    Much like our choice based art class once we get going you will be able to choose projects and use your own ideas!  

    Office Hours: 1pm-3pm M-F via Remind & Teams

    I would like for you to try to check in with me at least once a week.  Even if you can't get online every week, you can get creative and share it with me when you get the chance.  You can share your artwork with me on instagram.  Just tag @fbsartroom.  You can also send 1-2 picture a week through Remind or Teams.  I can't wait to see your creative work!  What is most important is that you stay creative! 

    Make time to make art!


    Please explore and create!