App Cheat Sheet


    System Requirements:

    If you are experiencing issues with ClassLink and other apps and websites on your mobile device there may be a compatability issue.

    Below is a list of system requirements to help with diagnosing these issues.


    Renaissance (Star Math, Star Reading, Accellerated Reader): System Requirements

    iReady: System Requirements

    Pearson Realize: System Requirements


    Desktop Software:

    Download Microsoft Teams - Microsoft Teams is available as a desktop application for Windows and MacOS. You can download the desktop version of Teams HERE.

    Download Google Chrome - Most ClassLink applications work best in Google Chrome. You can download Chrome HERE.


    Mobile Apps:


    ClassLink App ClassLink Icon

    ClassLink App  ClassLink App


    Microsoft Teams App Teams Icon

    ClassLink App  ClassLink App


    Remind App  Remind App

    ClassLink App  ClassLink App



    Common ClassLink Issues:

    Access Denied:

     Access Denied

    If you are seeing an access denied error when logging into ClassLink your password may need to be reset. Please contact your teacher electronically to request a password reset.


    Missing Tiles:

    Once logged into ClassLink you may not see the tiles you are looking for on the main dashboard. Sometimes students will organize them into folders. Folders will be displayed with multiple icons inside of them. 


    Missing Tiles


    You can also type the tile name in the search bar and the dashboard will display the tile regardless of location.

    Tile Search


    Having problems getting into Renaissance, Focus or O365?
    Why clearing or refreshing your cache?

    Your browser has a folder in which certain items that have been downloaded are stored for future use. When visiting a webpage your browser checks if a copy of the files on the page is in its cache already. Some browsers refer to it's cach as Temporary Internet Files


    Cache refresh

    There are some situtations when bypassing your browser's cache is prefered. Just clicking the refresh button (or hitting F5) won't be sufficient in this case, because this reloads the webpage while still using the old files from the cache. You need to refresh your cache first! Refreshyourcache.com contains step by step guides to clear your browser's cache forcing it to download the latest data from a website!





    If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact your child's teacher electronically or the school at 488-9374.