•  Welcome to Distance Learning for Mrs. Wilson's Kindergarten Class 

     Office hours will be from 11:00am until 1:00pm Monday through Friday.  You are able to reach me through Remind, my email address: wilsond@leonschools.net, or through Microsoft Teams.  My google phone number is (850) 629-6093.


    My website will provide the information you will need to ensure your child is successful with distance learning.

    The website will provide you with information regarding weekly activities, assignments, due dates, lessons, lesson outlines, and online resources for your child.  Teams, found on your child's Classlink sign on page is where students will be able to interact with me, their classmates, watch my lesson videos, receive, send, and edit assignments online, receive feedback on assignments, and engage in learning activities for Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

    Directions for students to log into Microsoft Teams:

    • Log into ClassLink from the LCS or Fort Braden School Website using your child's username and password.  Information was sent on Remind and email for those not on Remind.
    • Click on the tile "Learn at Home-Teams".
    • Using the directory on the left hand side, you can select "chat" to send a message to me.
    • Using the directory of the left hand side, you select "teams" to go to each academic subject where lessons, assignments, and resources will be shared.


    Student Expectations: 

    • Students are expected to visit this website or Teams daily to access new lessons and assignments and to complete assignments. Students are expected to participate/watch videos and turn in assignments weekly.  

    Together, we will succeed in distance learning!

    How to turn in student assignments:

    • Email a picture of completed work to wilsond@leonschools.net, or through Remind
    • Assignments may be sent daily or weekly, whichever is easiest for you.  All assignments should be submitted no later than the Saturday of the week they are assigned to receive credit.