• Ms. Welch

    6th Grade English Language Arts

    6th Grade AVID 

    Fort Braden School

    Office Hours: Monday-Friday 11am-1pm

    Email: welchs1@leonschools.net

     Hello parents and students!

    I hope that everyone is staying safe and indoors. I know this is a challenging time, but we will get through it together!

    Language Arts: We will be reading the novel A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. This is a book told from the perspective of a middle school aged girl that examines the battle between good and evil.

    There is a PDF version of the text in the Distance Learning section. Additionally, there are YouTube videos of each chapter being read aloud (also in the Distance Learning section). 

    Each week you will be responsible for reading two chapters and completing two assignments. The first assignment will be an understanding the story activity that will have some basic comprehension questions about what you read. The second assignment will be a summary activity where you will be summarizing what you read. Assignments can also be found under the Distance Learning section. 

    TURNING IN ASSIGNMENTS: Weekly assignments are due on Friday. You can turn in assignments in a few different ways. Here are some options:

    1. Write answers on a piece of paper and take a picture of it. Email the picture to welchs1@leonschools.net or send the picture through TEAMS or Remind.

    2. Write answers in a word document and save it to your computer. Email the document to welchs1@leonschools.net or send the document through TEAMS or Remind. 

    3. Type answers in an email and send to welchs1@leonschools.net.

    4. Attach your completed work to the assignment listed on Teams and submit.

    AVID: Please check the AVID page for information about what you'll need to do during this time!

    ***Please look under the Announcements page for information about turning in packets or picking up food.***