• Attendance Policy

    Throughout our school district, there is an attendance policy that is strictly enforced.  Here at Fort Braden, your child’s progression is our priority. However, it is imperative that your child be present as much as possible so that attendance will not hinder their academic growth.

    If your child is absent for a period totaling 5 days or more within a 30-day period or 15 days within a 90-day period without documentation, provided they are considered truant.  Once this occurs, parents/guardians will be contacted by their child’s teacher or a member of the Fort Braden Administration. At that time, documentation will be requested and should be submitted as soon as possible so that your child’s attendance can be updated in a timely fashion. 

    If you fail to provide documentation, a formal attendance letter will be mailed out and the truancy process will begin. Please take the time to review both the abridged and extended versions of the Compulsory Attendance Policy for the Leon County School District so that you will be aware of the parental responsibilities set forth by Florida Statutes.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mrs. Kim Sims, Assistant Principal, or Mr. Darren Wallace, Assistant Principal.

    Attendance Forms

    Pre-Arranged Absence Form

    Excused Absence Form

    Formulario de Ausencia Justificada

    Compulsory Attendance Policy (Abridged Version)

    Fort Braden School Perfect Attendance Guidelines 

    The guidelines for perfect attendance eligibility are listed below:

    1.     An excused absence is an absence.

    2.     An administrative suspension is considered an absence.

    3.     If the student has 3 or more assigned ISI, they will not be able to attend the perfect attendance celebration for the nine weeks. However, the student will still be eligible for the perfect attendance trophy/celebration at the end of the school year if they have not missed a day of school.

    4.     Any student who has perfect attendance since the date of enrollment is eligible for participation in the attendance celebration.

    5.     Students with the following criteria will participate in the end of the year attendance celebration:

    a.     0 days absent - Platinum attendance status

    b.     1 day absent - Gold attendance status

    c.     Up to 3 days absent - Silver attendance status