Degrees and Certifications:



Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Adams

School Address: 15100 Blountstown Hwy Tallahasse, Fl 32310

School Number: 488-9374

Teacher E-mail:


  • Course Descriptions:

    . The students will be able to:

    ·        Demonstrate independence (be responsible for tasks such as homework, make-up work, class assignments, etc.).

    ·        Build strong content knowledge.

    ·        Comprehend as well as critique.

    ·        Value and site textual evidence.

    ·        Come to understand other perspectives and cultures without judgment.

  • Course Goals:

    1. Develop behaviors necessary for successful learning (focus, respectfulness, effort, determination, organization, etc.)
    2. Build reading vocabulary
    3. Use a variety of complex texts to increase reading comprehension
    4.  Communicate effectively utilizing writing skills, listening and language.
  • Binder:

    Each student is required to maintain a 4” binder with dividers.  A binder check will occur once per month. It is the student's responsibility to keep this binder as organized as possible. 

  • Other Parent Information:

    Using Gradebook on a weekly basis will help you and your student keep track of your child’s grades and progress.  You can access this information from Fort Braden School’s website. Please make sure to contact the school if you are in need of assistance on how to check your child's grades. 

  • Attendance:

    It is vital for your child to be in class each day in order to be successful.  Please follow the Attendance Policy located at Fort Braden’s home page for specific information.  The policy for make-up work is located on the web site and is as follows:


    Prior notice of extended absences may require more than 24-hour notice or assignment upon return.

    • Students have two days to make up work for a one-day absence.

    • Student have up to five days to make up work for absences that are beyond one day.

    • Student must follow individual teacher requirements.

  • Middle School Behavior:

    Fort Braden School will be focusing on the positive behaviors that are expected from all of our Pioneers. For students who are observed as having exemplar behavior in class, there will be behavior celebrations each nine weeks.  Please encourage your child to remember the 4 Pillars of Pioneer Pride:  Respectful, Caring, Successful, and Safe.  For those students unable to follow our behavior plan, there are specific consequences as listed below. 

    1st offense:  Verbal reminder of rule broken with possible contact home

    2nd offense:  Conference with parent

    3rd offense:  Class/lunch detention

    4th offense:  Parent phone call

    5th offense:  Office referral (may result in a form of suspension)
    Under certain circumstances, some of these steps may be skipped or edited based off of the offense.
  • Wish List:

    • Paper towels
    • Pencils
    • Crayons and markers
    • Dividers