7th Grade Language Arts 

    Intensive Reading

    8th Grade AVID

    Fort Braden School






    ELA Class Description:

    This Language Arts class is designed to increase your communication skills through reading, writing, speaking, and the study of the English language. Our primary focus in Language Arts will be mastery of different writing styles, demonstration of the rules of grammar, and the ability to express one’s self orally. Additionally, increasing stamina while reading individually will be a large part of this class.

    Please understand that at-home reading is expected and is a component of our course.  You will be held accountable for at-home reading by various methods.


    Fort Braden Middle School Grading Policy:

    Assessments are worth 80% of your final grade.

    Classwork/Homework is worth 20% of your final grade.


    Extra Credit Opportunities:

    Before school iReady assignment = up to 4 points on CommonLit Assessment grade

    Accelerated Reader (AR) = Any points that are earned in addition to the student's AR goal will be input as extra credit on the AR assessment grade.