Letter to Parent of Prospective HOSA Member

  • Dear Parents

    By enrolling in a Health Science class at  James S Rickards High School,  your son/daughter has  done  more  than  just  enroll  in  another  class. He/she has actually embarked on a new way of life because of the many extraordinary advantages available through this program. In connection  with the Health Science Education  program,  your  son/daughter will  be invited to join HOSA. Membership in HOSA is available to students enrolled in the Health Science Education area chosen by your son/daughter. It is designed to give the student  something  “extra”  which  will  help  him/her  to  take  his/her  place  more effectively in work and society. HOSA is the place for students to expand upon the learning opportunities offered in the classroom.  HOSA is not a club –it is an organization that promotes career opportunities in health care and supports young people who plan to pursue a health career. In our HOSA Chapter, we stress leadership through the election of student officers.  We stress participation through social activities, leadership development sessions, business meetings and friendly competition by means of skill and academic contests at the local, district, state, and national level. The costs to the student for affiliation at the state and national level are being kept to a minimum.  Dues include: local dues $20.00, state dues $20.00 and national dues $10.00, for a total of $50.00.Opportunities are available to work with your son/daughter to either raise their dues money, or pay it on a monthly schedule.  Dues  money  is  used  to  pay  postage,  for  duplicating  chapter  materials,  and  for  other HOSA needs.  HOSA provides an opportunity for your son/daughter to shine.  I look forward to sharing his/her successes with you this year.


    Mr. Perry L. West, Local Chapter Advisor

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