You must have an AR book with you at all times!

    Twenty minutes of individual reading is expected each day.  Students are required to read independently each nine weeks.
    At the beginning of each 9 weeks, students will take a STAR Test.  The STAR Test will determine two things:
    1) student's READING LEVEL and 
    2) amount of AR POINTS each student is required to obtain.

    The goal for each student is to reach their individual AR point goal.

    Upon completion of each teacher approved book, students are expected to take an AR Quiz. In middle school, they MUST fill out an AR form prior to taking a quiz in order for the points to count towards their grade. An AR slip is simply 2-3 sentences that summarize the story they have read to prove that they have read and comprehended the ideas that they are about to test on. It verifies their comprehension of the content and acts as a quick review prior to taking the quiz. Once the student completes the quiz, he/she is given AR points based on the amount of points allotted for the book and the student's quiz score. Students that meet their individual AR point goal will be invited to the Reading Celebrations each nine weeks.  

    All students are expected to have an AR book with them at all times.

    They may get a book by:

    §  Going to the school library with a pass from a teacher

    §  Borrowing a book from my own classroom library

    §  Bring one from home and/or the public library

    §  Requst for one to be ordered that they are interested in for me to get to add to classroom library