Directions for students to log in to Microsoft Teams:

    1. Log in to Classlink using your 1710 or 1810 number@edu.leonschools.net and the password is your 5 digit lunch pin.
    2. Click on the tile "Learn at Home-Teams"
    3. On the left hand side, you can select "chat" to message your teacher.
    4. On the left hand side, you can select "teams", then click on the class you are trying to access. Here, you can access any files or assignments that your teacher has included.


    To submit assignments you can:

    1. Text/email a picture of the assignment or a list of the answers to Mrs. Morales at moralesn@leonschools.net or on Remind.
    2. Scan the assignment using a scanner or one of the many free scanning apps such as Genius Scan or Tiny Scanner, and email it to Mrs. Morales.
    3. Send assignments in daily or weekly-whatever is easiest for you!


    **NONINTERACTIVE Assignments are attached below as PDFs as well as on MS Teams under corresponding classes. Assignments can be printed to complete and submit if interactive distance learning presents a challenge.