Distant Learning

     Directions for students to log in to Microsoft Teams:
    1.  Login to ClassLink
      • studentnumber@edu.leonschools.net
      • Password: Lunch Number
    2. Click on the tile "Learn at Home-Teams"
    3. On the left hand side, you can select "chat" to message your teacher.
    4. On the left hand side, you can select "teams", then click on the class you are trying to access. Here, you can access any files or assignments that your teacher has included.

    Canvas: This is the Digital Academy and Brick and Mortar learning platform. Once you click on Canvas, you will then be able to locate all course tiles, including special area. Our class will work in the Homeroom course tile.

    Distant Learning Accomodations

    • Oral Presentation: When we would work on passages in class, we often read them together. When it was an assessment, only the test directions and question stems could be read to them. 
      • Click here! to have assignments read to you.  All you have to do is copy and paste and it will read it to you :)  
    • Flexible Setting/Seating: Have your child choose a comfortable spot to work! Make sure this area is free from distractions. 
    • Frequent Breaks: Sometimes things get overwhelming and students need that brain break to help them.
    • Extended Time: Students receive additional time to complete their assignments and assessments. This is not unlimited time. It is double time. For example: If a teacher assigns something on Monday and say it is due on Tuesday, students with accommodations would have until Wednesday to complete it.