• Hello Everyone,

    Welcome to the Middle School PE Distance Learning Site!

    This is the place to come for your weekly assignments, important announcements and other general information that you may need in the coming weeks.  I want to start out by saying, "Do not stress out!".  We are experiencing these brand new circumstances together and we will get through it with an abundance of 'patience, flexibility, compassion and grace.'    

    Learning at home is going to require us all to learn a new way to work.  This website is the best place to find important information concerning school announcements, class assignments and Leon County School updates. 

    Communication - We will be communicating through email (mischlerd@leonschools.net), our TEAMS app (found in ClassLinks), the Remind app or you may call me at (850) 629-8280.  Click here for an App Cheat Sheet.

    Assignments - Class assignments will be posted on the Distance Learning Assignments tab to the left.  It is expected for students to check assignments weekly and adhere to directions for turning in the assigned work.

    Office Hours - I will be holding office hours from 9:00 - 11:00 am daily.  This is the specific time to contact me for specific questions regarding assignments or other concerns you may have that will provide immediate feedback.  As we are working remotely, the best way contact me during that time will be email, chat through our TEAMS or Remind apps.  I will respond to inquiries that are made during off hours within 24 hours. 

    Live Class Chat - I will hold a 15 minute Live Class Chat each day for one of my classes.  It will be good to touch base and see your faces and, of course, for you to see mine (the beard is getting long).  See the Live Chat schedule below:

         Monday at 10:40 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GRDE 6_7-02-605

         Monday at 10:50 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GDE 7_8-02-605

         Tuesday at 10:40 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GRDE 6_7-03-605

         Tuesday at 10:50 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GDE 7_8-03-605

         Wednesday at 10:40 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GRDE 6_7-04-605

         Wednesday at 10:50 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GDE 7_8-04-605

         Thursday at 11:00 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GRDE 6_7-05-605

         Thursday at 11:10 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GDE 7_8-05-605

         Friday at 10:40 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GRDE 6_7-06-605

         Friday at 10:50 am - TEAM M_J COMPRE GDE 7_8-06-605

    Lastly, I want to be clear that I undertsand the difficulties during this time.  Please due your best to complete the assignments, but know that you and your families health are most important.  I look forward to getting some awesome videos of your workouts and seeing you all during the LIVE class chats.

    Stay safe and healthy!

 Pioneer man