• Leon County's policy is the 80% of the report card grade comes from tests and quizzes.  The remaining 20% comes from classwork.  In second grade, homework counts as part of your child's work/study grade.  Please click below for more information about our general grading policy.
    You can monitor your child's grades at any time by using a new program entitled "Focus."  Information regarding this will come home soon. 
    Please remember that there are some activities your child completes that are not recorded as a grade.  If a skill has just been introduced, the assignment may be an initial practice.  Also, occasionally, there will be an assignment we have completed in class and your child has graded it.  Anything in red has been written by your child.  If it is written in any color other than red, an adult has graded it.  When the grade is recorded in Focus, quizzes and tests will have a numerical grade and classwork - a number out of a fraction.