• Reading Program
    Leon County's current reading series is entitled "Wonders."  This series focuses on reading, writing, and spelling skills.  We spend approximately 7 days on each set of lessons.  In this way of work, reading tests are not on any one particular day of the week.  You can always check the class calendar to see what set of lessons we are on. You will be informed about upcoming tests on the homework sheet weekly.  They are also listed on the class calendar.
    I am fine with your child taking his/her "Wonders" reading book home any evening (as long as it is in class each day).  
    Your child has the opportunity to use the "Wonders" web site from home using Classlink.  Your child's Classlink information will be given to you at your fall parent conference.
    Another component of our reading program is Accelerated Reader.  This information was sent home on 8/24/18.  I have included it below as an attachment in case you have questions.
     Click on the hyperlink below if you are interested in having AR test results sent to your smart phone.
     Spelling is another component of our language arts program.  Each week, there will be a pretest on the upcoming words.  This pretest will be stapled to your child's "Wonders" overview.  This is the sheet that has a big pencil along the right-hand side.  That way you are able to see how much studying your child will need to do for the test.  For each test, your child will have 10 words to study so each word is worth 10 points.  Additionally, there are 5 bonus words worth 1 point each.  Your child has the potential to score a 105% on each test.  Since it is a spelling test, if a "d" is reversed to a "b" it will be marked incorrect and vice versa.  Also, I will take off 1 point when there are capital letters where there should be lower case.  Currenly, your child's only written work on these words will be writing them once in ABC order on teacher-provided handwriting paper. We may change from ABC order to another skill later in the year. 
    girl reading  
  • Unit 1: Friends and Family
    The Big Idea: How do families and friends learn, glow, and help one another?
    Week 1: How do friends depend on each other?
     Week 2:How are families around the world the same and different?
    Week 3: How can a pet be an important friend?
    Week 4: How do we care for animals?
    Week 5: What happens when families work together?
    Unit 2: Animal Discoveries
    The Big Idea: How do animals play a part in the world around us? 
    Week 1: How do animals survive?
    Week 2: What can animals in stories teach us?
    Week 3: What are features of different animal habitats?
    Week 4: How are offspring like their parents?
    Week 5: What do we love about animals?
    Unit 3: Live and Learn
    The Big Idea: What have you learned about the world that surprises you? 
    Week 1: How do the Earth's forces affect us?
    Week 2: What can we see in the sky?
    Week 3: How can people help out in their community?
    Week 4: How does weather affect us? 
    Week 5:  How do you express yourself?
    Unit 4: Our Life, Our World
    How do different environments make the world an interesting place? 
    Week 1: What makes different parts of the world different?
    Week 2: How does the Earth change?
    Week 3: How are kids around the world different?
    Week 4: How can we understand nature?
    Week 5: What excites us about nature?